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6 common omissions in the construction site of floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-30
Home improvement is a very complicated process. Wiring, laying bricks, scraping putty...Every process dazzled them. Anyone who has decoration experience knows that the most important part of home decoration is not whether the style is uniform or the design is clever, but whether the basic engineering is solid. Because only the basic engineering is done meticulously, can it be guaranteed once and for all in the future. So, in a messy construction site, how can we know that the decoration team we hire is trustworthy? May wish to take a closer look at the following 6 common omissions on the construction site. Omission 1: The wall and floor tiles do not fit together, and the heating nozzle is not protected. The wall and floor tiles do not fit together causing the gap between the floor tiles and the corners to be too large. Another situation is that the wall tiles fail to hold down the floor tiles, resulting in gaps at the junction of the wall and floor tiles. These situations are caused by poor construction quality during the construction process. Experts remind: the wall and floor tiles do not fit together, resulting in too large gaps between the floor tiles and the corners, which is a common problem in room decoration. Although this situation can be repaired later, it will cause the joints of the wall and floor tiles to be unsightly. The nozzle of the heating pipe is completely exposed before the heating is installed, and there is no corresponding protection. Experts remind: There are many materials on the construction site, and the nozzle of the heating pipe is not protected. Once a heavy object hits the nozzle of the heating pipe, it is likely to cause deformation of the nozzle. After the heating is installed, water leakage will occur and the floor will be damaged. Oversight 2: The wires are spliced u200bu200band connected randomly. When the wires are routed in the house decoration, the wires are randomly connected. Experts remind: To avoid these situations, the first thing is to hire an experienced electrician. Secondly, when wiring, the plastic sheathed wires or other insulated conductors used should be protected by pipes and cannot be directly buried in the cement or lime stucco layer. Because the wires directly buried in the wall are 'dead' in the wall, they cannot be pulled out or unplugged. Once a certain section of the line is damaged and needs to be replaced, the wall can only be cut to rewire. There can be no joints, because the joints are directly buried in the wall. Over time, the insulating tape at the joints will age, and long-term burying in the wall will cause leakage. Therefore, you must not violate the regulations and wire in disorder to avoid potential accidents such as leakage. Omission 3: Do not replace the damaged wall tiles. Small holes and damage can be seen on some wall tiles, but the construction team found it troublesome and did not replace them with new tiles in time. Experts remind: Be careful when accepting wall tiles. Damaged wall tiles should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the overall appearance of the wall. Omission 4: Violation of construction safety regulations at the construction site. In addition to finding some heavy objects stacked in a corner of the room, it was also found that the ladder frame used for construction did not take any fixing measures, and there were also construction workers smoking while working on the construction site. Experts remind: In order to protect the personal safety of construction personnel, ladders should be fastened with safety ropes. The non-slip material on the foot of the ladder can not only prevent accidental injuries such as falling down of the ladder when working on a smooth ground, but also effectively protect the ground tiles or floors and other materials from abrasion. In addition, it needs to be emphasized that there are many materials on the construction site. In order to prevent fires, smoking is strictly prohibited. Oversight five: non-compliance with the specifications and poor construction quality. There are many places where the specifications are not complied with. The most common one is that the gap between the door stone and the door frame exceeds the specifications. There is no joint between the wall tiles, or even staggered joints, too large gaps in the ceiling inspection port, uneven sealing edges, too large gaps between the floor tiles and the sliding door frame, and non-perpendicular angles. Experts remind: construction should be carried out in strict accordance with industry norms. The owner should ask professionals to assist in the acceptance. So as to avoid potential safety hazards. Oversight six: cut corners and cut corners when installing the TV cable did not leave enough length. The pass material is replaced with scraps. A series of cutting corners, such as tiling tiles without jointing. Experts remind: the length of the TV cable is not enough to affect the use of electrical appliances after check-in; the pass should be a whole plate, and it should not exceed two at most. These small defects during the decoration are the fuse of the big problems in the future, and the home improvement inspection and acceptance must not be sloppy.
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