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Zhonghan ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-11-27

we all know, decorating is expensive, buy material when it is a waste of money, but in fact the main flower place is in the ceramic tile above, because of this the varieties and brands of decking tile has a lot of, if not know market is easy to be ahead of pits, this small make up to introduce to you a new called zhonghan ceramic tile ceramic tile, see if you are interested in. ( Zhonghan tile)

when it comes to the ceramic tile, we are not familiar with, compared to what these must be some poor awareness of ceramic tile, Marco Polo but zhonghan clay over the entire country is superior, zhonghan decking tile is the problem now is mainly formed in the lack of government led by local brands. Compared with guangdong outdoor wood deck tiles advanced process technology, other manufacturers zhonghan technology development is weak, without financial support, more is imitation. But don't feel bad because it is high copy, but the quality is very good!

so when buy this zhonghan ceramic tile should pay attention to what details? Below small make up to simple to introduce you to, hope you can help to you!

1。 The formation of ceramic tile must have. Through two simple method to distinguish whether level off on the surface of the ceramic tile, one kind is by observing the light irradiation, flat light is what kind of ceramic tile surface, according to go up is flat or only a small change.

2。 Wear resistance is good! Network transmission cross test wear-resisting degree on the surface of the decking tile with a key may not be accurate, mohs hardness on the surface of the ceramic tile generally greater than 5, and only 3 keys or knife mohs hardness, more accurate hardness test have to take another brick row, has a tiny scratch is

3. Color difference is small, if the color difference is too big you can easily see it, this is no explanation, if is not the same as the color is certainly can't stand it!

4。 Texture clear, realistic effects, and rich colors have administrative levels feeling. Poor quality of the surface of the ceramic tile texture coarse, fuzzy, single tones, and comparison with good brick on more obvious.

5。 Must be high gloss, if it is the poor quality of ceramic tile, its surface is dark, the naked eye can distinguish. Can be eliminated.

this is the current some related contents about the zhonghan ceramic tile and the matters needing attention, if you find this article useful welcome to focus on our website! Here are the most authoritative consultation! The next issue we goodbye! ( Zhonghan tile)

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