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Types of ceramic tile ceramic tile is divided into what kind

by:JIABANG     2020-12-23

there are a lot of the kinds of decking tile ground, including polishing brick, bo changes a brick, glazed tile and Mosaic and so on, and which one to choose ceramic tile ground in home outfit? I think a lot of consumers owner still some confusion! Actually, this style, use and performance of several kinds of ground ceramic tile is different, so you need to know to convenient to choose. Just follow me to get to know so to meet the performance characteristics of ceramic tile types and their respective!

1, polished tile, polished tile, is the embryonic body surface after grinding and polishing processing of a body brick, outdoor wood deck tiles surface is much more than the bright and clean smooth light body brick. Polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, strong plasticity, and penetration technology combine to make the effect of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy, but easy to dirty, and skid resistance is not very good, so in addition to polishing brick for bathroom and kitchen of interior space. 2, bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is a kind of by high pressure, high temperature burn becomes porcelain tiles, it is one of the highest hardness of all the decking tile ceramic tile, polished tile is also a kind of reinforcement. Bo changes a brick to bear or endure dirty, high wear resistance, surface luster bright, all on the visual sense is very good, is more suitable for the sitting room in domestic outfit, give a person a kind of as much as the feeling of luxury. 3, glazed tile, glazed tile, main body material has two kinds of clay and China clay. Through the clay body and glaze the surface of glazed pottery, its the reverse side is red, and through the China clay and glaze the body surface of the back of the glazed tile is gray. Is because the surface of the glazed tile glaze, so its surface can do all sorts of design and decorative pattern, style, colorful, skid resistance and strong at the same time; But is also for this reason, the surface wear resistance than polishing outdoor wood deck tiles and bo changes a brick, so the glazed pottery is generally suitable for kitchen and bathroom. 4 there are many different kinds of Mosaic tiles, Mosaic, hard, have strong wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, pressure, not easy broken, it is not easy ooze water features, such as wide range of USES, is a kind of the adornment of metope is commonly used to indoor ground material. Because Mosaic specifications, more delicate and cabinet, color is rich, so the adornment of the Mosaic tiles effect than other tile decorative effect is much more beautiful character. Is under their feet on the ground, but also will be no neglect, especially on the choice of materials. Read the above introduction on ceramic tile ground USES, everybody should know how to choose to suit their own material of ground ceramic tile! If you still want to learn more click brand ceramic tile details.

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