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Tips for daily household tile maintenance

by:JIABANG     2021-05-11

Although the service life of ceramic tiles has a great relationship with the quality of ceramic tiles, it is undeniable that the maintenance of ceramic tiles is also very important. Next, the editor will tell you how to maintain the tiles.

  1. Use corner protection strips

   Benefits: It can protect the tile corners, and can also decorate and cover the gaps.

  The traditional tiling angles are generally right angles. Families with children can buy thick ceramic tiles with rounded corner protectors to solve potential safety hazards. In terms of materials, it is recommended to use stainless steel corner guards. Aluminum alloy corner guards are soft, and will dent and deform if they collide or squeeze during the construction process.

  In addition to protecting the corners of the tiles, the corner strips can also beautify and conceal the defects of the tiles. For example, some tiles have irregular cross-sections and it is difficult to perfect the joints at the external corners, so the corner strips can cover them.

  Second, tile grout

  Benefits: high stain resistance, enhanced bathroom mildew resistance

   Floor tiles are generally not easy to mold and dirty, and the tiles are dirty Most of the pollution is caused by moldy or shedding dust in the gaps between the tiles. Traditional tile construction usually uses cement and silicone instead of grout or even no grout. In fact, it can be prevented by using a good grout when the tiles are being constructed. this problem.

  3. Tile waxing

   Benefits: improve water resistance and stain resistance, keep bright, and prolong service life

   Don’t think that only the floor needs waxing, in fact Tile waxing is also a good way to protect the material! A layer of wax after laying the tiles can improve its waterproof and anti-fouling properties. If it is not too troublesome, polishing and waxing can be done every 2-3 months, only a year. It takes four times to make the tiles in the home lasting and beautiful, and the lifespan is prolonged.

  Four. Anti-greasy stickers

   Benefits: Oil-resistant, lazy helper, easy to clean

   The kitchen is a heavy source of oily smoke at home, and the tiles inside are the easiest to stain It is also the most difficult to clean. Kitchen tiles will fade after a long time of use, and you will feel stuck, and you can easily solve this trouble by sticking a grease-proof sticker before using the kitchen tiles.

   Doing a good job in the maintenance of the tiles can greatly extend the service life of the tiles. I hope that the above four tile maintenance methods can help everyone.

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