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Tile floor is difficult to clean, we have a little trick

by:JIABANG     2021-05-28
“Doing housework is most afraid of not being cleaned up.” Reader Ms. Shang’s new home was messed up during the holidays. During the cleaning process, many obstacles were encountered. The kitchen fumes soaked into the wall and floor tiles, the hair and the keyboard were all relatives. Children’s snacks...For this, Ms. Guo, who is experienced in cleaning, gives a few tips, which can be easily and simply cleaned thoroughly. Regarding the problem of oil stains on the tiles near the kitchen stove, Ms. Guo suggested that in the evening, spray the diluted detergent evenly on the surface of the stove, ceramic tiles, and range hood, and then paste toilet paper towels or facial tissues in turn, such as You can spray some water on the paper. After one night, remove the paper towels one by one in the morning and wipe it with a rag. The surface will be very clean. Facing the hair on the floor and floor tiles is the most troublesome thing for everyone when wiping the floor. Once the hair gets wet, it is more difficult to clean up. In this regard, Ms. Guo said, put the plastic trash bag at home on one end of the mop. With a drag, the hair can be taken away easily without a vacuum cleaner or bending over to pick it up carefully.   Finally, if the children at home like to play with the computer while eating snacks, there must be a lot of stains in the gaps of the keyboard that cannot be cleaned. Ms. Guo said that tearing a sticky note and stuffing it into the keyboard will remove the dirt completely.
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