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The sitting room ceramic tile is about how to choose

by:JIABANG     2020-08-18

is the key of the household decorates sitting room, is a home of the first impression, determines the main tone of the entire home outfit, so every detail is extremely important. Today we began to focus on the living room granite floor tiles, tell me something about the living room floor tile color techniques of choose and buy.

the sitting room is about how to choose ceramic tile

a, first select the specifications of the sitting room decorate outdoor ceramic tile

if sitting room area of more than 30 square meters, outdoor wood deck tiles of persons to be 80 * 80, smaller than the area, below 60 * 60 specification, but not less than 40 * 40.

large size can make bedroom spacious air, eye shot is open.

but if large size ceramic tile shop is stuck on the ground of the area is small, can make the size of the room not harmonious collocation, is just like a thin man dressed in a large, on the other hand, if a large area ground shop posted small size ceramic tile, can appear indoor crowded chore. All in all, for their feet the size of the shoes is a good shoes.

2, the sitting room is the color of ceramic tile used

indoor requirement is capacious and bright, let a person feel relaxed and comfortable. So common light color is appropriate, such as white, shallow cream-colored, pure color or with decorative pattern, for hygiene requirements high master, choose pure color can reflect master more elegant, but it takes more time and energy, because pure color not to bear or endure dirty, need often clean, for the job is busy, willing to take the free time on the host of sleeping and surfing the Internet, the best choose the ceramic tile with a pattern or particles.

followed by material, glass is better choice, because it is wear-resisting, bright, easy to clean. Some people like to use archaize outdoor wood deck tiles, and archaize brick colour is abounded, reflect individual character, but the color tend to be heavier, cleaning also has the certain difficulty. Stone had better not, because not only stone material cost is high, colour is single, and the stone is radioactive, mostly surface finish and wear-resisting degree is low. They are often used in large-scale public places.

3, the sitting room decorate the ground had better not to do an ornament.

contracted, fluent is eternal theme. Xuan and spelling a flower is outdated gild the lily is commonly decorate a company to lousy idea.

the line that play a base is to do, because the wall paint, is commonly used in coatings and ground connection parts often contact with anchor and one sitting room furniture feet, easy to dirty and damaged, and using the bo changes a brick is made after the line that play a base can avoid this problem, and make a sitting room more beautiful.

with the top of the foot line should be ground into a quarter circular arc or 45 degree Angle, processing surface polishing.

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