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The post method of ceramic tile is what?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-06

no matter new or old house house, ceramic tile has always been a problem which cannot be ignored, a lot of people know what kind of ceramic tile is better known, it is not easy to buy the effects, but specific to the post method of ceramic tile is not understood, so this small make up to simple about the related content, hope you can help to you! ( stick method)

1。 Soak ceramic tile

before tile, there is a seemingly simple operation but also very necessary, ceramic tile that is going to wash, then soak in water, soaking time at least 2 hours, this is in order to make the ceramic tile is fully absorb moisture, so ceramic tile in the shop is stuck don't absorb moisture in the material, will not lead to material because of water loss and paste is not strong, appear to fall off, the phenomenon of empty drum.

2。 Draw a ceramic tile auxiliary line

in order to more accurately in ceramic tile, so a operation before the tile is crossed, wait until after ceramic tile to fully absorb the moisture, the auxiliary lines is about to begin. In order to guarantee the ceramic tile surface flat after the shop is stuck and can keep horizontal even vertical, will be in the metope of commit suicide by hanging vertical leveling layer, and then set the horizontal line, so the ceramic tile after the shop is stuck is beautiful.

3。 Set the support board

in metope shop sticks ceramic tile, must take the horizontal line as the criterion, and then set support board, the reason for doing this is to avoid the ceramic tile adhesive strength has not been achieved before fall or displacement. If did not make this is easy to cause instability, very easy to have an accident.

4。 shop sticks to regular

tile is not free stickers, must have the order and regularity, the first thing to start where Windows and doors shop is stuck, again from the bottom up, from left to right to shop sticks ceramic tile shop sticks order. Metope screed-coat when ready, with a shovel cement mortar daub is on the back of the tile, and ceramic tile directly on the wall. shop is stuck, must use rubber hammer or shovel handle gently knock on ceramic tile surface, so that the adhesion of outdoor ceramic tile will be stronger, will not appear fall off phenomenon.

this is some of the ceramic tile stick method related content, for tile is a technical work, so if there is no high so confident about their craft small make up suggest to find a special person to give yourself tile, want to know more related content welcome to continue to pay attention to our website! Finally thank you for watching!

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