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The kitchen ceramic tile is choose what method

by:JIABANG     2020-09-01

in the family, the kitchen is indispensable, prepares food to give people a comfortable environment, so the kitchen is decorated is very important. And what kitchen ceramic tile also is we need to know, to introduce below small make up on the kitchen ceramic tile is choose what method?

1。 Highlight the change of space effect

the kitchen not only choose the traditional brunet outdoor ceramic tile, light color ceramic tile more expressive, so more appropriate depth collocation, especially in hot summer, if the kitchen is light green, cook who wouldn't be too upset.

2。 Colors don't more than three

the kitchen is together with the sitting room commonly, so the kitchen ceramic tile color can choose similar color or contrast color, but the overall color should not be more than three, otherwise it will show mixed and disorderly.

3。 To the outdoor ceramic tile in the kitchen and furniture photograph collocation suitable colors should follow the principle of clear and clean, but also pay attention to the colour collocation good cabinets, counters, pattern is also clean, easy.

4。 color don't choose warm color to move

the kitchen is the high temperature environment, raise the temperature of warm color, it's easy to let the psychological, cool color can alleviate this. If the kitchen area is small, and don't choose brunet attune, this will be more depressed and dull, light-colored tiles can enlarge a space, let a space more capacious and bright.

5。 The ceramic tile in the kitchen color also can choose pure white, able to bear or endure look to add some other color decorative lines, fashion sense. There is is like apple green, light purple cool color ceramic tile also is right choice, also can match with white ceramic tile, adornment effect is very good.

the kitchen ceramic tile is choose what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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