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The hall floor tile shop sticks process and matters needing attention

by:JIABANG     2021-01-17

ceramic tile is a lot of people will choose a kind of used for household decorates material, and it is also because of its natural grain convenient and popular with everyone. Small make up today will give you prepared some sitting room floor tile rendering, like ceramic tile decorated friends must not be missed.

ceramic tile shop sticks technological process and matters needing attention

a, before the shop is stuck: be sure to test product before the shop is stuck

see product packaging: qualified ceramic tile with carton packing ( The cull, substandard goods usually don't use carton packaging, but directly with foam, the rope) , should be printed on boxes production factory name, product name, trademark, size, level, weight, color, and quantity, etc. Special attention should be paid to rank whether to talk to when buying, prevent filling master or use the products as businesses use level, color number are consistent, generally the same product, same quality, the shop is stuck in the same space, prevent color difference ( Except for shaping special effects) 。

the product appearance: the standard provisions of the state, classy article surface quality should be 0. 8 meters outside the vertical observation surface of at least 95% without obvious flaws, of course, if according to this standard, most products can be up to standard, but we are not primarily look at 95%, but no obvious defects. Look from the package any spot check a few decking tile, the surface of the product has the following defects: corrugated, stains, glaze, knock against, crack, lack of glaze and so on. The back of each tile ceramic tile trademark, see it fits the bottom mark, at the back and sides are not allowed to have bonding adhesives etc.

2, ceramic tile shop sticks process

basic level processing & rarr; Elastic line & rarr; Before paving & rarr; The shop is stuck & rarr; Tick off seam & rarr; Clean up

basic level processing

the dust, sundry thoroughly clean, shall not be free drum, cracking and defects such as sand.

spring wire

before construction around the wall popup elevation control line, on the surface of the popup reticle, to control the floor tile of space size.

before paving

should first on the basis of drawing the design requirements, the granite floor tiles color, texture, smooth surface, such as strict selection, and then according to the drawing requirements before paving. For that may occur in the shop (size, color, texture, error adjustment, to exchange, to achieve the best effect, the shop is stuck smoothly neatly stacked. Set aside. Floor

choose laid 1:3 cement mortar, harsh mortar thickness 25 mm or so. Before the shop is stuck to the floor tile on the back of the wet, dry positive is advisable. According to the requirements on the cement mortar, the granite floor tiles with a rubber mallet tapping of floor tile facing until thick flat up to par.

shop sticks ceramic tile technological process and points for attention of sitting room ground brick latest offer


24 h after the shop granite floor tiles, clean up pointing, pointing to floor tile gap should be taken before the impurity rub-up, with special caulking agent jointing. Clear

in the process of ceramic tile construction decoration with dry with the qing dynasty, when completed, General appropriate after 24 h) Then use the content such as cotton yarn was carried out on the floor tile surface.

three, metope ceramic tile of laid of note

at the grass-roots level processing, shall all be clean up all kinds of dirt on metope, water wet and the day before. Such as base for the new wall, cement mortar seventy percent when, should be making outdoor wood deck tiles, spring wire, sticks towel wall brick.

ceramic tile paste must be soaked in clean water before 2 hours, will be subject to brick don't bubble, take out to dry.

when spread glue in pipeline, switches, lamps and lanterns of bathroom equipment support, etc. , must be consistent with the whole sets of brick, together with a whole brick paste is prohibited.

4, floor tile laid note

before use ceramic tile to flooding semidiurnal, bricky system still prevail.

kitchen, bathroom should have running water slope, no water, water will not put back the clock. During the construction of the destruction of the waterproof layer, must do the waterproof processing, water for 12 hours test without leakage.

floor tile laying is completed, to cover the tile with cardboard and so on, and at least 24 hours before they can walk on the surface of the brick.

after ceramic tile, note: the shop is stuck after 1 hour, should be timely will stay in tile cement, caulking agent or other wipe clean, sticky dirty object as caulking agent adhesion after four hours is difficult to clean.

12 hours after the shop is stuck, should knock brick surface inspection, if discover free drums shall be laid again.

brick shop is stuck finish 24 hours rear can walk, wash thoroughly, mixed with water cleaner, clean ceramic tile clean thoroughly.

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