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The cutting of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-09
Decorate in the us, in the process of the cutting of ceramic tile cannot always avoid a problem, about the ceramic tile cutting what are the problems we should pay attention to? Let below small make up with everybody to know some information about the cutting of outdoor ceramic tile.

manual cutting can be divided into three steps:

the first step: locate

move selected cutting size scale, with one hand holding the operating handle, pull a knife round to the back seat, put the archaize brick flat on the floor and beam alignment, the archaize outdoor wood deck tiles cutting line and the bottom archaize outdoor wood deck tiles front end to live bottom gouges where whole pieces were missing. The second step:


controller down the knife wheel in contact with the surface of archaize brick, will handle forward jog make knife wheel in archaize brick surface a continuous uniform linear cutting machine.

the third step: press

to raise operating handle pulled back slightly, the briquetting steady fall in front of archaize brick. With the proper force to press the operating handle, archaize brick along the line will be disconnected.

note: in the line, be sure to uniform, continuous, clear from start to finish, this is the key to good cutting archaize brick. In cutting, be sure to use a small strength holding handle, smooth gently push knife wheel, otherwise, the force is too large, will not only damage the outdoor ceramic tile, can greatly shorten the service life of knife wheel.

archaize brick, of course, can also be like cutting glass, glass knife cutting. With metal cutting tools in archaize brick surface cutting position row first article cutting line, then flip archaize brick, back up, put this line in a rigid plane Angle, most of the plane compaction, less than half plane impending, hands respectively in ceramic tile at both ends, and a break, can be formed.

more information about the cutting of ceramic tile, hope can help to the vast number of owners in need, also hope that we learn a lot, and communication, so you can learn more information.

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