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The ceramic tile of the sitting room how to prepare

by:JIABANG     2020-08-15

the sitting room is the important place of household, when decorating, the requirements of the beautiful sex is also the owners attaches great importance to, and as a larger area of the ground adornment is the top priority. If you have friends choose ceramic tile to decorate, so how ceramic tile laid sitting room also should know in advance.

good sitting room how ceramic tile shop

1, the sitting room with bricks can be a combination of a variety of specifications: its characteristic is to choose the geometry size outdoor ceramic tile of different much money ground, become group shakedown outfit according to certain combination. Because the floor tile made of different size combination together with combination is much, make the geometrical line of the ground change immediately, reflecting in order change and vivid.

2, living room floor tile laid to handle the details of the Yin and Yang Angle, the article can use sealing side of the cross positioning frame, the use of the auxiliary materials to make the shop Angle of Yin and Yang in the Angle of construction technology has been greatly improved. No longer need to ceramic tile 45 degrees of trimming, greatly save the working hours and broken. Cross positioning when the shop is installed, can make floor tile seam precision, simplify the construction process.

3, in the living room granite floor tiles shop is stuck on the aesthetic, pay attention to the seam shop, now the market popular archaize floor tile, it focuses on the return of the history. Glaze is dealing with uneven, straight edge also make it corrodes shape, for when the shop is installed, set aside the necessary gap filling it with the color cement, make integral effect is unified, emphasized the dignified sense of history.

4, living room granite floor tiles to don't post waveguide line, want to see the sitting room layout. If the house is big, can also do two transmission line in the sitting room, make the stateroom on feeling has a few different dimensional space. If the space is small, his house does not suggest waveguide line, because the transmission line is in commonly 800 x800 circle of outdoor ceramic tile edge to edge, small house so be careful. If the place of sofa and TV ark is more, beat wave line covered most of there is no need to put wave line, no meaning.

the sitting room is what is a good ceramic tile shop

1, the design into the sitting room often struggle with the choice of outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile sitting room for material requirements is not very high, but should pay attention to is according to the light of the sitting room, personal preferences to select the specific design and color. And because the sitting room often someone come in and go out, need high hardness, wear resistance of brick. As a result of the existence of these requirements, now USES the bo changes a brick is more brick of the sitting room.

2, connect body polishing brick is the rock debris after high-pressure suppression and prevent slippery outdoor wood deck tiles, surface after polishing stiffness can be compared with the stone material, bibulous rate is lower and wearability. Its good resistance to dirty wear-resisting, on the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy, suitable for high number is more, the sitting room of the family.

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