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The category, application range and paving method of common ceramic floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08
At present, the ceramic industry is constantly innovating, and there are countless types of floor tiles. The same is floor tiles, but floor tiles composed of different materials not only have different scopes of application, but also have different paving methods. The new guide to ceramic tiles, I hope it can help everyone choose Purchase suitable floor tiles. 1. The types of floor tiles are diverse and divided into varieties, including outdoor ceramic tile, whole body polished tiles, bleed tiles, bleed polished tiles, whole body tiles, vitrified tiles, etc. At present, marble tiles, porcelain wood series and other products are popular, and the sales are very hot. Marble tiles and porcelain wood products have in common: good color and texture, good texture, and good decorative effect. Among them, the glazed printed tiles have the characteristics of a wide range of colors and colors, and good physical properties such as hardness, and occupy most of the market share of floor tiles. At present, the sales of marble tile products on the market are very good, there are tile brands, which can be said to be the leading brand of marble tiles. A senior designer told reporters: “Floor tiles should be selected according to personal hobbies and the functional requirements of the room, and based on the layout of the site, from the specifications, tones, textures and other aspects of the floor tiles. The color and style of the floor tiles should be matched with the overall space color system. 'For example, the floor tiles, wall tiles and bathroom equipment in the bathroom should have a unified style. The floor tiles in the living room and bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings) should also be unified with the tones of walls, ceilings, furniture, etc., so as to form an overall beauty. Second, the size of living room floor tiles The scale of living room tiles is generally relatively large, but it should be determined according to the size of the room. If the room is relatively small, try to use a smaller size. Specifically, if the living room area is less than 30 square meters, consider using 600*600; if it is 30-40 square meters, 600*600 or 800*800 can be used; if it is more than 40 square meters, just Consider using 800*800 or even larger. Three. Living room wave line, floor parquet, corner line wave line is to make the living room floor more varied and looks particularly artistic (artistic decoration renderings). Some lines are mainly distinguished from the main color of the floor tiles. Ceramic tiles are processed, generally dark-colored tiles are mainly used for processing, and are used in places such as the periphery of the ground or the hallway (entrance decoration renderings). Floor flower line, corner flower, this is a floor decoration painting made of ceramic tiles. High-end brands are equipped with many patterns to choose from. Generally, pay attention when choosing. The background color of flower line and corner flower should be the same as that of other tiles on the ground. The colors and patterns are basically the same. Mainly used at the entrance or the coffee table (coffee table decoration rendering) and under the dining table in the living room and dining room (restaurant decoration rendering). Kick the corner, this is to protect the wall skirt. The color of the floor tiles has a large contrast, but it is important to choose products of the same color as possible to maintain the unity of the overall style; the colors of the floor tiles are similar, and the ground can be paved with colored and contrasting wave lines. The corner line can be directly purchased as a finished product, or can be commissioned for processing. Types of living room tiles to decorate the living room, there are mainly marble tiles, porcelain wood series, polished tiles, antique tiles and other products, but marble tiles and polished tiles account for a large proportion. Marble tiles are tiles that imitate marble, which are resistant to Grinding, high strength, bright, easy to clean. The leading brand of marble tiles.
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