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Punched ceramic tile is cracked

by:JIABANG     2021-01-11

recently, small make up received a lot of owners say when drilling decking tile is cracked, for punch when split this kind of situation small decking tile also is commonplace, let below small make up to you talk about how to avoid the problem of decking tile is cracked when punching.

a, return to teach you how to tile punch?

to buy a house decorate is the big things in our life, but also in decorating a process, we still have a lot of things need to pay attention to and popular slightly careless, some detail problems, may affect our life after be being entered on the great limit. Before decorate, we'd better learn some knowledge or decorate decorate experience, so that we can decorate more smoothly. Today we are going to share how to tile punch considerations, looks is decorating a process again small but one thing, but the actual operation, there's plenty we encounter problems.

but the Lao shifu has a lot of experience, usually in the ceramic tile is ready before punching the premise, not only the efficiency is very high, before punching, we must first clear household circuit, waterway overall layout, so as to avoid damage when punching the original road of water and electricity, cause water and electricity to run risk, there are certain security hidden danger, need everybody to be cautious.

ceramic tile stiletto need to prepare the tools mainly has special drill, electric drill, ruler, pencil, tape, a hammer and punch. Matters needing attention are introduced as well as the tool, we formally explain method of drilling hole.

with the position of the ruler and pencil need to punch, and distance. Then in punctuation put tape on the position to play a buffer action. Then with a hammer and punch position in punctuation cut a small hole, bear in mind that not too hard. Finally started on a drill, make sure when using electric drill a drill bit and vertical metope, then slowly, until the required depth. After punching, can remove tape, install the screws and furniture, very simple and quick? You also might as well try.

that's small make up to everyone's advice, in the hope that we can very good after looking at the article solved the problem. If there is a better way, can also contact small make up well.

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