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Light color ceramic tile is how to keep the 'youth'

by:JIABANG     2020-10-10
As the winter's gone, and temperature a little rebound, heralds spring has quietly come. Just waking up from the ice and snow of winter, have you started to plan a spring decorate plan? Maybe you just bought the new house renovation, you may want to transform the old house more fashion and practical, we for you to collect a large number of home decoration information, believe that we can help you will focus on creating more comfortable. German lai mattress sunshine, nuo stalking ceramic tile often be waited to profane by fat, scale, soap scum, especially the light color ceramic tile more will these problems early on, therefore, how to clean these beautiful light color ceramic tile is a problem in people. Do not damage again to maintain porcelain face cleanness porcelain face bright, can use muti_function decontamination creams clean. Place of ceramic tile aperture, should use the toothbrush dipped in first a few decontamination creams purify bilge, with hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow. Bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles is one of the main defects after polishing, MAO pores exposed, oil, dirt and other easy to penetrate. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, this is an industry recognized problem. Many brands of products without anti-fouling processing can be as qualified products factory sales, consumers don't know the situation, the shop didn't care when using, stained occurs. Consumers to ask when buy, do not make anti-fouling processing vitrified outdoor wood deck tiles in use to wax, wax of a general. Before the shop is to avoid the surface damage during construction, the application of woven bags and other items reach the brick surface cover. Daily cleaning and maintenance bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, floor tile thoroughly clean all the besmirch on first, if you have any glue or sticky dirt, can use neutral detergent to wipe microfiber cloth. Sprinkle the floor cleaner on the granite floor tiles, clean the stain on the floor tile with wax machine friction. To pour into a clean dry mop with a water-based wax, wax evenly coated on the floor tile. Let after waxing floor tile surface from dry, dry to trample on the above, also can use electric fan auxiliary dry, generally 8 hours after waxing will completely dry, such as such as weight to move to wax completely dry before they can move, so can protect floor tile of the light. Waxing floor tile surface yellowing and waxing again after many times, should with dewaxing agent processing. The specific method is: in addition to wax agent used directly, need not add water, even to be dewaxing, about 10 to 15 minutes, in addition to wax agent after infiltration floor tile, granite floor tiles of water will be splashed wet, wax should be completely removed, waxing again won't shine. After wax in addition to clean, can be in accordance with the above steps for cleaning and maintenance. Old ceramic tile to renovate, general requirements will all ceramic tile off, the intensity of labor is very big. If you would like to in the old labeled with new decking tile ceramic tile, the cement mortar is hard to do, at this time must be used resin stone adhesives, oily, stain on it are not afraid of ceramic tile, and has good bond strength. Light color ceramic tile of daily maintenance also needs to master a few tricks, when cleaning can choose water and detergent or soap; A few ammonia water is added when washing with soap and a mixture of turpentine oil, can make the ceramic tile is more bright and clean. If there is a tea to attach or other daily necessities on ceramic tile should be swabbed clean, timely application of corresponding cleaning cleaning when necessary. surface such as a scratch, scratch place daub toothpaste, use dry cloth is wiped can repair.
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