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Hutch defends the ceramic tile of choose and buy what method

by:JIABANG     2020-09-03

hutch is generally use ceramic tile shop is stuck on the ground and metope, this way will be clean, so on choices need to select according to the particularity of hutch, so hutch defends ceramic tile of choose and buy what method is there?

1, hutch defends the ground to prevent slippery outdoor ceramic tile

hutch is one of the most easy to damp places, the ground wet cannot avoid, so in this case the most worried about is slippery, so hutch is defended decorate of the biggest point of ceramic tile is slippery. The personage inside course of study advice, hutch defends the shop is stuck best inferior smooth ceramic tile. Inferior smooth many ceramic tile outdoor ceramic tile is one of the most able to meet the requirements of hutch defends slippery, the abrasion resistance and skid resistance of body brick is one of the best in the all ceramic tile, glaze and very hard, suitable for use in hutch.

2, hutch is defended metope ceramic tile to moistureproof

when decorating hutch defends a lot of people to save selected tile trouble, are often the wall brick, brick with actually wall brick belongs to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods, their physical properties are different. Ceramic brick bibulous rate is around 10%, bibulous rate is only 0. 5% of the porcelain tiles is many times higher. bibulous rate is low, suitable for ground laid. Wall outdoor wood deck tiles is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is rough, so conducive to glue the wall. should stick firmly on the wall, wall outdoor wood deck tiles used in ground water too much is not easy to clean. Hutch is defended and toilet are water vapor is bigger, wall brick should pay attention to moistureproof, so hutch defends floor tile of wall of cannot mix, to choose best moistureproof effect of glazed tile.

3, hutch is easy to clean ceramic tile

hutch is the place that most oil, need often clean, so hutch defends the ceramic tile outdoor ceramic tile to choose easily clean. of glazed pottery, outdoor wood deck tiles, bo changes a brick, polishing brick, Mosaic and so on the many kinds of ceramic tile, but is not recommended for the sake of clean in hutch defends the use of Mosaic, because the area is small, Mosaic each piece after the shop is stuck, there will be a lot of aperture, shelter evil people and practices easily, is not convenient to clean, so try not to choose in hutch defends use Mosaic tiles.

hutch defends the ceramic tile of choose and buy what method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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