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How to use tile grout?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-15
If the home is decorated with tiles, mosaics, stone and other materials, it is necessary to use tile grouts, which can fill the gaps between these materials and make the tiles more beautiful. Moreover, the application method of the tile grout is simple and easy to operate. How to use the concrete tile grout can be easily done in four steps, making home tiles more practical and beautiful. Preparations: 1. The gap between the tiles is generally 1-10mm wide and 0.8-1.5mm deep. 2. After the tiles are laid, wait until the materials are completely dry and the gaps are cleaned to ensure that there are no dust or other small particles before using the caulking agent to achieve the best effect of the caulking agent. Use process: 1. Choose a clean and suitable container, pour in the special mixing liquid for tile grout, pay attention to the amount, and then slowly add the tile grout, stir evenly until it becomes a paste without powder clusters, and let it stand. For 3-5 minutes, stir evenly again. 2. Fill the gaps in the reserved bricks with the evenly mixed caulking agent, and fill all the gaps along the diagonal of the tiles without leaving any blanks. Use special tools to scrape off the excess parts. Pay attention when scraping. Don't scrape away the crevices. 3. Wait 10-15 minutes after caulking, let the tile caulk dry first. Then wipe the caulking agent with a softer item such as a sponge or towel. When wiping, use a circle method to compact the caulk and make it look smooth. 4. After the tile grout is completely dry, wipe the tiles with a clean towel or sponge to remove excess grout remaining on the tiles. Note: 1. The amount of tile grout is related to the size of the tile gap. Generally, 5kg of tile grout can fill 4-5 square meters about 5mm outdoor wood deck tiles gaps, or 7-8 square meters 3mm brick gaps. 2. Pay attention to filling evenly when filling the joints. It is not possible to scrape all the joints after the filling is completed. It is best to scrape after about 1m, and so on. 3. It is best to clean up the remaining grout in time after filling the joints. If the grout sticks to the tiles for too long, it is not easy to remove, which affects the appearance. If you encounter this situation, you can use oxalic acid or Jiezhuling to help clean up. The application method of tile grout is simple, and compared with traditional white cement, it has better performance. First, it is easy to clean, and will not hide dirt and dirt after a long time. Second, it has a fine texture and can be perfectly combined with ceramic tiles. Third, environmental protection Reliable and will not affect the performance of the tiles. Such high-quality materials are definitely a good choice for home decoration! Dengrong Enterprise specializes in the production and supply of engineered ceramic tiles. The company has strong strength. It has introduced advanced Italian ceramic equipment, and is equipped with an advanced Ru0026D center and a logistics storage center of tens of thousands of square meters. Established corporate internal control standards that are more stringent than European standards and national standards, with complete product specifications, novel designs and fashionable colors, which fully meet the needs of different levels. The products provided by the company have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and China environmental labeling product certification.
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