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How to tiling tiles on a flat wall

by:JIABANG     2021-07-18
How to tile the flat wall? The difficulty of tiling tiles on the wall is still slightly difficult, so today I will first tell you how to tiling tiles on a flat wall. 1. Leveling: When paving wall tiles, the surface of the wall should be treated to remove the surface dirt, sprinkle and moisten it with water, then mix and level with cement mortar, and then pave after the leveling layer is completely dry. 2. Pull line: Determine the layout of the tiles according to the requirements of the design paving pattern. Pull the marking line on the dry leveling layer. The purpose of the pull line is to keep the joints of the tiles laid straight and make the tiles in a vertical position. Surface. 3. Soak in water: Put the wall tiles in clean water completely, usually 30 minutes, the specific soaking time is subject to the tiles without bubbles, and then take out the water stains to dry for later use. 4. Mixing: Choose 425# cement (ie P.032.5# cement) for paving glazed wall tiles. The sand is preferably medium sand. The cement and sand are mixed with water in a ratio of 1:3 to make a paste for later use. The mark of the cement should not be too high, otherwise the later stress of the cement mortar will crack the glaze of the outdoor wood deck tiles body and cause engineering quality accidents. 5. Paving: spray enough water on the wall, and evenly smear cement mortar (the cement mortar mixed in step 4) on the back of the outdoor ceramic tile to be used. The thickness of the mortar is 5mm-6mm, and the paving is large. When the specifications of the glazed wall tiles are appropriately thickened, lightly pat it firmly with a wooden claw to make it level, and use a level to find the apples at any time. Then check and jointing is complete. The above is the method of how to tiling tiles on the flat wall that I have brought to you. I hope I can help you.
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