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How to stick floor tile on the wall?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-21
< p> how to stick on the floor tile of wall floor tile on the wall with dry and wet two kinds of methods.

( 1) Spread: dry grinding groove on the back of the brick, first buried copper wire, after using the fixed structural adhesive, then with the wooden keel fixed together. This method of pavement are commonly used to laying TV setting wall. Generally need to make a wooden keel twelve mile after sealing plate again on the back of floor tile of slotted hanging wire fixed again.

( 2) Spread: wet and dry laid on the steps are similar, but need to use to the combination of cement and sand cement mortar to floor tile laying on the cement wall, before laying will play MAO wall to increase the friction force is required to be laid. Spread the time it takes to more wet, because ceramic tile to soak in water for two hours, process is complicated, so the labor cost is more expensive.

( 3) Floor tile is easy to fall so some matters need attention in construction process, to see if the wall before laying for good shop sticks outdoor ceramic tile to check whether there is a craze, if there is a need to metope first rectification. < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '>

( 4) When shop with cement mortar to wet, should keep hair of metope processing to increase the contact area of the wall and outdoor ceramic tile. The shop is stuck when should use wood square well fixed support to prevent ceramic tile drop.

( 5) Paved tiles if can't dry jointing, or it will cause the loosening of outdoor ceramic tile and inequality. After acceptance, check whether the good is free drum. To ensure that everything is handle before the subsequent installation work. < / p> < p>
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