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How to remove bathroom tile dirt?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

   are bricks whose surfaces have been glazed. The surface is made by firing together with glaze. The main body is divided into two types: clay and china clay. The back of the pottery clay is red, and the back of the porcelain clay is off-white.   One of the most important elements in the decoration of the bathroom space is the use of tiles. If you want a refreshing and comfortable bathroom, it is important to clean and maintain the tiles. This time, I will introduce how to remove bathroom tile dirt? The glaze layer of bathroom outdoor ceramic tile is a very dense substance, colored liquid or dirt will not penetrate into the brick body, this kind of brick surface pollutants Use a cloth dampened with water or add some detergent to wipe the brick surface to remove the dirt on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface. If it is a tile with a strong sense of unevenness, if a lot of dust is squeezed in the uneven gap, use a brush and then rinse with water. Remove the dirt on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface.  1. Brush with appropriate amount of toothpaste   Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste on the brush, and then directly brush the joints of the tiles. The direction of the joints of the tiles is longitudinal, so when scrubbing, you should also scrub longitudinally, so that the oil can be cleaned. The main raw materials of the tile joints are putty and white cement, so it is difficult to wipe off the grease after sticking to it, and toothpaste has a strong cleaning effect, so choose it as a cleaning tool. 2. Candle smearing and wiping. Lightly smear the candles on the joints of the tiles, firstly paint them vertically, so that the candles can be applied evenly at the seams; then paint them horizontally, so that the thickness of the candles can be adjusted. The thickness of the tiles remains the same.  Removing bathroom tile dirt is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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