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How to paste bathroom tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-02

   One of the contents in the bathroom decoration is the purchase and laying of tiles. Specific to the laying method of bathroom tiles, there may not be too much novelty. In fact, there are still a lot of things to pay attention to. If there is any negligence , It may affect the effect of decoration. So how to paste bathroom tiles?

  How to paste bathroom tiles?

  1. How to paste bathroom tiles? Cross positioning frame for edge banding. This paving method has a great improvement in construction. It does not require 45-degree trimming of bathroom tiles, which saves damage during construction, improves the accuracy of joints during granite floor tiles paving, and simplifies the construction process.

  2, how to paste bathroom tiles? Combination paving of multiple specifications. This toilet tile method can choose tiles of different sizes and pave them in a certain combination. However, due to the different sizes of tiles and the different combinations, the lines of the tiles will also change. It embodies change and vividness.

  3. How to paste bathroom tiles? Dry paste method. This paving method does not require the use of muddy water, as long as the tile adhesive is used, which surpasses the traditional mortar cement and greatly reduces the construction time. Compared with this method, the effective area is small and the working environment is not ideal for the bathroom. This wall paving method makes the previously monotonous geometric lines extremely rich and varied, and enhances the three-dimensional sense and active atmosphere of the space.

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