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How to maintain fully polished glazed tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18

   Fully polished glazed ceramic tiles have the characteristics of high hardness, low water absorption, and strong antifouling properties. They can well protect and decorate home floors and walls, so they are loved by many families. But no matter how good things are, they need maintenance, and so do all polished glazed tiles. The following will introduce how to maintain the fully polished glazed tiles, I believe it can provide you with some help.

   1. During maintenance, it is necessary to apply anti-fouling wax regularly according to the use situation. Usually, the time interval of applying anti-fouling wax is 3~4 months. Polishing after air drying will keep the outdoor wood deck tiles surface as bright as new. If economic conditions permit, crystal face treatment can be used to achieve the desired effect.  2. If you use nail polish, wipe the tiles clean before wiping, so the effect will be better. The method of waxing is also ok, which can play the effect of diminishing the scratches on the tiles. Using oxalic acid to repair tile scratches has a good effect. The specific operation method is: dip a soft cloth with oxalic acid and wipe it hard to repair the tile scratches.  3. A mixture of soap and a little ammonia or the same amount of flaxseed turpentine will have a stronger decontamination performance, so that the polished outdoor ceramic tile can be wiped more shiny. For example, if there are a few scratches on the surface of the polished glazed tiles, you can rub a little toothpaste on the scratches, and then use a soft cotton cloth to wipe vigorously to remove some small scratches from the polished glaze.  The home made with polished glazed tiles looks beautiful and atmospheric. If you want to maintain such an effect, you must clean and maintain the tiles. Therefore, the above editor has compiled and shared the related methods of how to maintain the fully polished glazed tiles, hoping to help you better take care of the fully polished outdoor ceramic tile, and let it continue to shine.

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