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How to lay the internal wall tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20

   When it comes to decoration, the most troublesome thing must be decoration and tiling, but tiling is also divided into interior wall tiles and exterior wall tiles. Exterior wall tiles are not so exquisite, but interior wall tiles are used. Paving is more troublesome, and there are many things to consider. In this issue, the editor will briefly talk about a few techniques for paving the interior wall tiles. I hope it can help you! (Interior wall tiles)

  1. Grassroots treatment

   Grassroots treatment is a more important step in tiling. If it is not handled properly, it may be correct The quality of your future decoration will have a greater impact. First, smooth out the concrete that protrudes from the wall. If the base is concrete, the surface is very smooth, or use a fine cement mortar that can be mixed with a binder glue to do a small napping. The wall can also be brushed with interface agent and watered to wet the base layer.

  2. Primer

   Primer is the second step. If the internal wall tiles are 10mm thick, use 1:3 cement mortar for primer, which should be divided into layers. Spread the mortar all over, then scrape smoothly and smoothly, rub the hair with a wooden wiper.

  3. Tile arrangement of tiles

  Before this step, be sure to check the dryness of the bottom layer. When it reaches 60 to 70%, according to the requirements of the drawings, the specifications of the outdoor ceramic tile and the actual combination Conditions for arranging bricks and bouncing lines.

  4. Dipping outdoor wood deck tiles processing

  Before tiling, we must pay attention to that the color and specifications of the tiles you choose must be the same for paving; then when you soak the tiles, Sweep the tiles clean, soak them in clean water for 2 hours, take them out and wait for the surface to dry or wipe clean before use.

  6. Tile paste

   The last step is the tile When paving, paving bricks should be done from the bottom up. Wipe 8mm thick 1:0.1:2.5 cement-lime paste mortar bonding layer, scrape it, and then paste the tiles from top to bottom. The mortar is required to be full. When the ash is lost, remove and reattach, and check the whole with a ruler at any time Degree, while ensuring the same width of the gap.

   This is all about the related skills of this interior wall tile. If you decide that this article is helpful to you, welcome to share it with more people in need. Thank you for watching! See you in the next issue (interior wall tiles)


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