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How to distinguish between whole body tiles and polished tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-06
How to distinguish between whole body tiles and polished tiles? Many people don't know how to distinguish many tiles when looking at ceramic tiles. Today, I will tell you how to distinguish between full-body tiles and polished tiles. First of all, it is distinguished from the concepts of whole-body brick and polished brick: 1. Whole-body outdoor wood deck tiles is fired after high-pressure pressurization of cuttings. The hardness of the surface after grinding is lower than that of stone, and the wear resistance is good. The surface of the whole body brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back sides are the same, so it is named the whole body outdoor wood deck tiles; it has very good ground slip resistance and wear resistance. The most commonly referred to as non-slip bricksIt is much cleaner. Secondly, it is distinguished from the appearance of whole body tiles and polished tiles: 1. Whole body tiles are often 300*300 small floor tiles, which have high simulation reality, complex processing techniques, colorful colors and various colors, and expensive prices , The surface of the brick has a subtle texture, and the glaze layer and the surface of the tile have significant levels; 2. Polished tiles are generally 600 or 800 large tiles, the color is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap, the bricks are large, the overall tile color is the same, and there is no layer , Strong abrasion resistance. It is suitable for applications in interior space design such as bathrooms, restaurants and kitchens. Basically, in the application of bleed technology, polished tiles can make a variety of practical effects of imitation stone bricks and wood. In addition , Distinguish from the price of whole body tiles and polished tiles: 1. Most of the whole body tiles are small bricks, with beautiful patterns, complicated processing techniques, high simulation, combining the advantages of antique tiles and polished tiles, so the price is relative price Expensive. 2. In general, since the price of polished tiles is relatively low, the cost-effectiveness of polished tiles is higher; in addition, it is worth noting that polished tiles do not contain radioactive elements and are a kind of minerals. Human body causes harm. The above is the article on how to distinguish between full body tiles and polished tiles organized by the editor. I hope you will have more knowledge and understanding of these two types of tiles after reading this article.
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