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How to choose tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-12
How to choose ceramic tiles 1. Look at the finish; this is an important indicator for testing the quality of polished tiles. Clean the protective wax on the surface of the polished tile with a soft cloth or reagent, and place it under light or sunlight, viewing it at an oblique angle of 45 degrees. The brighter the surface, the better. 2. Diagonal ratio size; overlap two bricks of the same type face to face, align the four corners, rotate one of them, and the four sides are always the same size. This method is especially suitable for the inspection of tiles with smooth surfaces. 3. Check the flatness; overlap two bricks of the same type face-to-face, align the four corners, and rotate one of them. If it is easy to rotate, the quality is poor, and vice versa. This method cannot be used to detect antique tiles. The salient feature of antique bricks is the arbitrary change of surface color and pattern, and the surface can be uneven. 4. Look at the water absorption; the size of the water absorption is an important indicator of the quality of ceramic tiles. Pour a small cup of water on the back of the outdoor wood deck tiles body, the faster the water disappears, the higher the water absorption, the looser the texture, the weaker the strength, and vice versa.
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