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How to choose tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-26

   Although there are many kinds of building materials nowadays, ceramic tiles are always indispensable when decorating. Many people often feel at a loss when facing the dazzling array of tiles. In fact, in addition to the beauty of ceramic tiles, its function and performance cannot be ignored. Let's briefly talk about how to choose tiles.

   The first step: to see the classification clearly. Choosing ceramic tiles cannot rely on love at first sight, because judging from the degree of beauty is often empty and happy. The most appropriate way is to first determine the space used by the tiles, that is, are the functional tiles used in the kitchen, bathroom or living room? After confirming this most basic condition, make a choice.   Let's talk about the classification of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are usually divided into four types: outdoor ceramic tile, full-body tiles, polished tiles and vitrified tiles. are widely used as floor decoration materials in living rooms; whole-body tiles have good anti-slip and wear resistance, which is generally referred to as anti-slip floor tiles. It is very suitable for the environment where water is used in kitchens, toilets, etc.; polished tiles have the decorative effect of natural stone, the price is easily accepted, and the thickness is light, and the vitrified tile is a high-temperature fired porcelain tile, which is all ceramic tiles. The hardest one. It does not easily leave scratches on the surface. But the price of this kind of outdoor wood deck tiles is very high and it is mainly used for decoration. The staff of Bu0026Q reminded consumers that when buying ceramic tiles, they must be based on their personal needs and not blindly buying, otherwise it will leave hidden dangers to the home improvement. It is worth mentioning that if you sign a contract with Bu0026Q Fashion Center now, the designer here will accompany you to purchase materials together. With professionals by your side, you are not afraid of making the wrong choice.   In addition to understanding the classification of tiles, we must also consider the environment in which the tiles are used. For example, in the kitchen, tiles with more uneven textures should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it will cause trouble for future cleaning. For the tiles in the bathroom, it is best to choose non-slip tiles.   The second step: choose carefully to see the indicators. The second step in buying ceramic tiles is to judge whether the tiles meet the requirements based on some technical indicators. Among the many standards, the degree of matching (also called abrasion resistance) is an important criterion. It indicates the degree to which the tile is easy to wear. Generally speaking, it can be divided into five degrees. In addition, when buying, you should also consult the sales staff about the tile's resistance to acid and alkali and the performance of chemical reagents. Improper cleaning may contaminate the glaze.  The third step: lock style and fashion trends. After the quality and function are guaranteed, let's take a look at the beautiful coat of tiles. In addition to determining the overall decoration style of the tiles, the application of the color to the environment and the fashion trend should also be considered. But remember not to get dazzled, fashion also varies from person to person.  How to choose ceramic tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decking tile brand to learn more.

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