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How to choose good tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-06

   Ceramic tiles are one of the main materials for decoration. Now many fancy promotion methods have caused a headache for many consumers who want to buy tiles. They were confused by the illusion and bought very ordinary tiles at a high price. They can only regret it afterwards. Up. The price of ceramic tiles itself is high, and coupled with various promotional methods, consumers are easily dragged down. Mujin Decoration takes you to see how to choose a good decking tile that suits you.

   is a brick whose surface has been glazed. Based on the difference of raw materials, it can be divided into two types: ceramic glazed tiles, which are fired from clay, with high water absorption and relatively low strength. According to the local soil quality, there are red soil and white (yellow) soil. Porcelain glazed tiles, which are made from porcelain clay, have low water absorption and relatively high strength. Its main feature is that the back color is off-white. According to different gloss, it can be divided into the following two types: bright outdoor ceramic tile and matte glazed tiles.

Full body brick

  The surface of the full body brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back sides are the same, hence the name. The whole body brick is a kind of wear-resistant outdoor wood deck tiles. Although there are varieties such as bleeded whole body brick, relatively speaking, its design and color are not as good as glazed bricks. Generally, it is seldom used for wall surface. Most of the anti-skid bricks are full-body bricks. Polished tiles are a derivative product of whole body tiles. Compared with the whole body tiles, the surface is rough, and the polished tiles have a smooth surface. It is hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets, kitchens and indoor environments. On the basis of the use of bleed-through technology, polished tiles can make a variety of imitation stone and wood effects.

Vitrified tile

   is a strengthened polished tile. In addition to porcelain clay, it also contains a high proportion of quartz sand (the main raw material for making glass). It is fired at high temperature. The texture is harder and more wear-resistant than polished tiles. The finish is better.


   is a special kind of outdoor wood deck tiles, which is generally composed of dozens of small bricks to form a relatively large outdoor wood deck tiles. Divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, and glass mosaic

So, here are five aspects to choose the tiles that suit you.

1. Diagonal ratio size


   Place two bricks of the same type face-to-face, align the four corners, rotate one of them, and the four sides always have the same size. This method is especially suitable for the inspection of tiles with smooth surfaces.

Second, check the flatness

   overlap two bricks of the same type face to face, align the four corners, and rotate one of them. If it is easy to rotate, the quality is poor, and vice versa. This method cannot be used to detect antique tiles. The salient feature of antique bricks is the arbitrary change of surface color and pattern, and the surface can be uneven.

Three, look at the water absorption rate

  The size of the water absorption rate is an important indicator of the quality of ceramic tiles. Pour a small cup of water on the back of the brick body. The faster the water disappears, the higher the water absorption, the looser the texture and the weaker the strength, and vice versa.

Four. Look at the finish

   This is an important indicator for testing the quality of polished tiles. Clean the protective wax on the surface of the polished tile with a soft cloth or reagent, and place it under light or sunlight at an oblique angle of 45 degrees. The brighter the surface, the better

Five. Listen to the sound

   Lightly tap with a hard object. The clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can also clamp the corner of the tile with your left thumb, index finger and middle finger and hang it down easily. Tap the middle and lower part of the tile with your right index finger. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it will be top quality, and if the sound is dull and muddy, it will be low quality.

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