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How to choose floor tiles How to choose floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

   Tile is one of the most commonly used decoration materials for house decoration. Whether it is wall tiles and floor tiles, the choice of ceramic tiles is still more practical. So how to choose floor tiles?

  1. Check whether the appearance of the tiles is straight.    If the surface and sides of the tiles are not smooth, no matter how good the bricklayer is, the overall leveling effect will not be achieved, so pay attention when buying tiles.  2, look at the surface of the tile    see if there are spots, cracks and lack of glaze on the surface of the tile, and whether the size is the same.  3. Look at the pattern of the ceramic tiles.    Good product patterns are delicate and lifelike. If you look at the pattern of the tiles, there will be color lack, disconnection, dislocation, etc.  4. Identify the color on the back of the tile    The back color of the glazed tile is red, while the back of the vitrified tile should be milky white.  5. Listen to the timbre of the tiles.    The method is to hold the side of the outdoor wood deck tiles with one hand, and hit the brick with the other. The sound of good bricks is clear and loud, while bad ones are muffled and dull. Those who have tried to distinguish between glass and jade should have thought that in fact, they use a similar method to distinguish between glass and jade by listening to the sound of collision.  6. u200bu200bLook at the hardness of the tile.    The bricks of the same specification are weighed in your hand. The heavier the outdoor wood deck tiles, the higher the density and the higher the hardness. 7. Look at the water absorption rate of the tile. Turn the tile over to test its density and water absorption rate, and drop some water on the back. The slower the penetration, indicating that the texture of the tile is denser and the internal quality is better. When you turn the outdoor wood deck tiles over in a while, the watermark will show up on the front, and the phenomenon of 'sweating' will appear.  How to choose floor tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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