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How to choose decoration tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-25

   Tile is a common thing in our daily life. Many people think about how to choose ceramic tiles when decorating. The following editor will introduce how to choose decoration tiles?

  1. How to choose the decking tile material   Although there are many types of tiles on the market, you must not be confused. How to choose decoration tiles? Must be distinguished from the craft, roughly divided into vitrified tiles, polished tiles, outdoor ceramic tile, full-body tiles. For living room bricks, it is recommended that you choose vitrified bricks, which have high hardness, high density, more wear resistance, and easy to clean.  2, the tile floor pays attention to    simple and smooth, light decoration and heavy decoration is the modern decoration criterion. In home decoration, the ground should pay more attention to the quality of material selection and practical value, and simplicity and smoothness are the only things.  3. How to choose the living room tiles as a baseboard?   skirting line on the one hand maintains the cleanliness of the wall, on the other hand it can modify the lines of the room, and the simple floor can improve the overall texture of the house. You must not forget to make the skirting during the decoration.  4. Choose the specifications according to the area.    Floor tiles on the market have different specifications. It is also recommended that you choose the corresponding tiles according to your own size. How to choose a good living room tile? If the living room area is more than 30 square meters, you should choose 80*80 bricks. If the area is smaller than this area, choose the size below 60*60, but not less than 40*40.  How to choose decoration tiles is introduced here. The editor reminds: Although large-size floor tiles can make the room spacious and magnificent, with a wide view. However, if large-size tiles are laid on the ground with a small area, the size of the room will be inconsistent. It is like a thin person wearing a large dress. On the contrary, if a large area of u200bu200bthe floor is covered with small-size tiles, it will appear The interior is crowded and cumbersome.

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