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How to choose and buy high quality ceramic tile ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:JIABANG     2020-12-16

members of the family of ceramic tile rich variety, not only are there more categories, classification of style, design also many, many of the owners in the face of full of beautiful things in eyes, good and evil people mixed up of ceramic tile breed on market, estimates do not know how to do at the moment as well. Choose good quality ceramic tile is not only durable, and beautiful, has a high practical value. So, how should choose good ceramic tile? Below small make up for each owner explanation of ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, let you choose the most appropriate and most satisfied to the high quality ceramic tile to dress up your focus.

first, observe the appearance of the ceramic tile. Good quality ceramic tile face flat, colour and lustre is uniform, exquisite design, perfect color, bolt, flatness and roughness of surface is better, high pressure resistance. When the choose and buy should pay attention to observe whether there is a stain on the surface of the ceramic tile, defects such as cracks, lack of glaze, deformation. Second, observe the back of the tile. If there is a logo, look at the back of the product. Take another look at the back of the tile color, generally all the back of the tile should be milky white, the back of the glazed tile should be red. Third, when the choose and buy, pay attention to test the hardness of ceramic tile. The greater the density of ceramic tile commonly, the higher toughness, the better the quality. Can gently on the surface of ceramic tile with good thing, if the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is high, the quality of ceramic tile is good. Can also be one hand and decking tile, hands down naturally, then use your other hand finger to tap the lower part of the ceramic tile, if the sound clear, good quality that shows ceramic tile, if has a deep voice, explain quality is poor. Fourth, watch the water absorption of ceramic tile. Will water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, after a few minutes to observe the degree of diffusion of water. If the absorbing water speed is slow, the ceramic tile of the more big, the quality of ceramic tile is better; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, explain the density of ceramic tile sparse, the worse quality. Fifth, measuring the length of decking tile. Can use the tape on the side length of each tile and diagonal measurement, if the side length is almost no difference, is the quality of ceramic tile. In general, the higher the accuracy of the length, after the shop is stuck the better the results. The ceramic tile with good quality to the shop is stuck not only, still can save material. is essential supplies of the decoration materials, how to not assured the quality of ceramic tile, can affect the owner's quality of life in the future, therefore, each owner when ceramic tile of choose and buy, be sure to polish eyes, with reference to the ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, choose the most appropriate, the best quality products, for your home life. If you still want to learn more click brand ceramic tile details.

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