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How to choose and buy good tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

   In the selection of home improvement materials, ceramic tiles are a major event. How to select and purchase good ceramic tiles is a problem that the owners are very concerned about, and it is also one of the most troublesome issues. Teachers with many years of decoration experience suggest that we should pay special attention to the quality when choosing ceramic tiles, and we must not just look at the appearance or cheap pictures, because the quality of the ceramic tiles has a great influence on the service life of the home improvement and the decoration effect. So how to choose and buy good ceramic tiles Xiaobian said it is best to pay attention to the following four skills.

  How to choose and buy ceramic tiles 1. Choose floor tiles according to the characteristics of the room. The living room and dining room are frequently used places, and the aesthetic effect is emphasized. It is recommended to choose polished tiles with good abrasion resistance, non-immersion and smooth and beautiful appearance. The bathroom needs to have good anti-slip properties, and it is better to have a certain degree of self-cleaning ability, and it is not easy to stain. It is best to choose and buy outdoor ceramic tile.  How to choose and buy ceramic tiles 2. Check the latest inspection lectures. The decoration masters tell you how to choose and buy ceramic tiles. Remember to check the inspection lectures and certification certificates provided by the merchant. Moreover, the inspection lecture must be issued by an authoritative maintenance unit recently, because the timeliness is different, and the true condition of the product may also be deviated. The inspection and maintenance unit must have CMA (Metric Certification), which is the most basic. When checking the relevant certification certificate, pay attention to whether the certificate and the sold product can correspond. In addition, experts suggest that ceramic tiles have already begun to undergo 3C certification, and how to choose and buy good ceramic tiles can increase reliability by checking the 3C certification.  How to choose and buy ceramic tiles. Third, understand the various parameters. How to choose and buy ceramic tiles, pay attention to several basic parameters: tile hardness, wear resistance and water absorption. The hardness of ceramic tiles directly affects the service life of ceramic tiles. It is the most important parameter of how to select and purchase ceramic tiles. Identify the hardness of the tile by tapping. If the sound of tapping is clear, it proves that it is a good tile, and vice versa. The wear resistance is divided into five degrees from low to high. The higher the degree, the better the wear resistance. The family can choose a good decking tile from one to four degrees. Water absorption is also a parameter to pay attention to how to choose and buy good tiles. Low-density tiles have loose outdoor wood deck tiles holes, high water absorption, and easy to absorb water and dirt. They are not suitable for use in damp and water-intensive places. On the contrary, they have high density and water absorption. Low tiles have strong moisture and stain resistance.  How to choose and buy ceramic tiles Fourth, price and quality are related Under normal circumstances, how to choose and buy ceramic tiles is not to ignore the price. Generally, the quality of ceramic tiles is directly proportional to the price. If you buy too cheap ceramic tiles for a cheap price, there is likely to be a big difference in quality and environmental protection. In order to reduce costs, some small manufacturers may reduce the wear resistance of ceramic tiles and other processes, resulting in a reduction in service life. If you save money for a while and buy substandard products, you will lose more money if you have to lift up and re-pave them later.  How to choose and buy a good decking tile is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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