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How to choose a suitable tile for the room

by:JIABANG     2021-05-28

   It is necessary to judge whether the space used for tiles is used in the kitchen (decoration renderings), bathroom (decoration renderings) or the living room. After determining this most basic condition, make a choice, especially for the tiles used in the living room. You must first determine the size of the purchase.

  The larger the room area, the larger the outdoor wood deck tiles specifications can be selected. Generally, 80cm-80cm bricks can be used for rooms above 20 square meters. The use of large tiles can not only reduce the gaps on the ground, but also beautiful and durable, and overall it is also very economical.  2. Calculate the area of u200bu200bthe tiles   Currently, the tiles on the market can be sold in blocks or square meters. The area to be laid should be calculated before buying tiles. Some building materials stores have conversion charts, and you can find the number of tiles you need based on the area. Some charts only need to know the height and width of the tiled wall to find out the usage of tiles. Some tile packing boxes will also list how much area a box of tiles can be spread on.   After calculating the total number, a certain amount of spares should be added, because it is inevitable that there will be losses during paving. You can also use this formula to roughly calculate the amount of tiles needed: (decorative area, area of u200bu200beach tile) (1+3%), which is the number of tiles required during construction, of which 3% is the amount of construction loss.   If you plan to use some brightly colored tiles or tiles with patterns in the plain tiles, you can design the pattern of the tiled wall on the chart first, so that it is convenient to estimate the number. You can also cut the paper into tile size and paste it on the wall to calculate the height and width of the area where the patterned tiles are laid. Although it will take some time to do this, you can see the effect of the paving in advance.  How to calculate the number of tiles  The indispensable decorative materials in home decoration are ceramic tiles. At present, there are a wide variety of ceramic tiles on the market, and the quality and price are comparable. For home decoration, whether it is a large package or a light industry, the decoration workers always ask the owner to choose the ceramic tiles, which makes people very troubled when choosing tiles. In fact, the most troublesome thing is not the selection of ceramic tiles, but the amount of ceramic tiles. Generally, large packaging repairs will cause false reports on the area of u200bu200bmaterials used. Light industrial decoration will allow the owner to choose as many materials as possible to reduce Difficulty of construction.   Therefore, before buying tiles, you must calculate the area that needs to be laid. The buyer can first calculate how many square meters of tiles are needed according to the area of u200bu200bthe room, and then combine the specifications and sizes of the tiles to calculate the number of tiles to be purchased. After calculating the actual materials, a certain amount of loss must be added (usually calculated at a loss rate of 10%).   In addition, when buying plain tiles, it is best to add some brightly colored tiles and waist lines to embellish them. You can design the tiled wall first, so it will be easier to estimate the number. You can also cut the paper into a tile size and stick it on the wall. Although it takes time, you can see the effect of the paving, and the measured amount is more accurate. Furthermore, it is best to buy tiles of the same color batch number to avoid different colors.

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