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How to ceramic tile can save more money?

by:JIABANG     2020-12-06

we know we may use the outfit, the ceramic tile is also one of the very practical to decorate material, but we know in ceramic tile shop is stuck there is a step in the process, know the process of ceramic tile shop is stuck, and then we can make the home more perfect, together to see below.

how ceramic tile can save more money?

1, well in advance planning

before buying ceramic tile, the owner must first understand good needs laying area of basic data, such as length, width and area according to the specific data, please professional workers tile outdoor wood deck tiles number of painting space, determine the size and quantity of the good use of ceramic tile, make ceramic tile utilization high, as far as possible to reduce the wastage of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck.

2, ceramic tile, decorative pattern

choosing ceramic tile, if decking tile pattern need to be right, so the arrangement of construction on ceramic tile have higher requirements, so it is easy to increase the loss of ceramic tile. Therefore, as far as possible to choose the ceramic tile with low requirements of decorative pattern design, cutting down such ceramic tile can also fill to other places, it is not easy to cause the loss of ceramic tile, can greatly improve the utilization rate of ceramic tile.

3, ceramic tile collocates

row of outdoor wood deck tiles in ceramic tile design, some need to be cutting area, we can consider to switch to other size, design and color of ceramic tile to match, or add on metope waist line, or add a circle on the ground line, etc. , while avoiding the ceramic tile cutting wasteful, also greatly enhanced the design feeling of the space.

4, ceramic tile design don't have the same

many owners in order to save trouble, when buying ceramic tile, will choose the ceramic tile with the same design to the shop is stuck in the home area, doing so in virtually also caused a certain waste. Many regions of the ceramic tile, after the check-in will be blocked by the decoration such as furniture, the ceramic tile in the kitchen, will in the later when installing ambry is blocked, therefore, the ceramic tile of these areas, we do not need too requirements specifications and grades, choose plain style is good, so in the later also won't visual effects have a big impact on the whole, at the same time also can save some cost.

the balcony, guest room not commonly used to space, also can choose the ceramic tile of lower grade, and on the premise of guarantee quality qualified, don't have too high request for the design and color of ceramic tile.

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