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How to avoid the empty drum ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-16
How to avoid the empty drum decking tile? is an indispensable household decorate decorate material, but if the shop is stuck not empty drum, trouble will be well. Let's take a look at how to avoid the common problem of empty drum! 1, avoid ceramic tile is bibulous rate is too big: when ceramic tile of choose and buy, it is important to check the water absorption of ceramic tile. Will water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, see how spread out after the infiltration of water. — Generally speaking, the slower the water, show that the density of ceramic tile. 2, avoid ceramic tile on the back of the grain is too shallow, ceramic tile walls in order to fit closely, usually design pattern on the back. Grain is deep, you can guarantee tiles and cement mortar layer when the local from still won't fall off. 3, the sand selected best: the coarse sand, modulate the cement mortar strength is higher, but if the strength is too high, can also lead to some bad results, such as use the leveling the ground will be cracking. 4, shop sticks ceramic tile at the grass-roots level to deal with: to avoid empty drum ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop sticks of metope, ground base must first deal with clean. Be sure to clear the all kinds of dirt on the wall, and the day before the water wet at the grass-roots level, humidity control at 30 - 70. 5, cement mortar should be full uniform: will allocate a good cement mortar scraper ceramic tile, attention should be paid to cement mortar to full uniform, can't cut corners. 6, set aside enough: expansion joints should be reserved 2 - when ceramic tile shop sticks Expansion joints of 5 mm. If there isn't enough, expansion joints under thermal shock expansion or moisture, under the action of stress and phase may occur between adjacent tiles, lead to the phenomenon that falls off empty drum.

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