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How should tiles be posted

by:JIABANG     2021-07-14
How should tiles be applied? Nowadays, when decorating a house, people attach great importance to the installation of tiles, so today I will tell you how to apply tiles. 1. How to affix the tiles when the tiles are soaked? Be sure to clean up the stains on the surface of the tiles before applying the tiles, and then soak them in clean water. The soaking time should be at least 2 hours. This is to make the tiles fully absorb water so that the tiles are When paving, it will not absorb the moisture in the material, and will not cause the material to be weakly pasted due to loss of water, resulting in falling off and hollowing. 2. Set the auxiliary line After the tiles have fully absorbed the moisture, start to set the auxiliary line. In order to ensure that the surface of the tile after being laid is flat and can maintain the horizontal and vertical, it is necessary to hang a vertical line on the leveling layer of the wall, and then set a horizontal line, so that the tile after being laid is beautiful. 3. Setting up the supporting plank When laying tiles on the wall, you must follow the horizontal line as the criterion, and then set up the supporting plank. The reason for this is to prevent the tiles from falling or shifting before reaching the adhesive strength. 4. Lay the tiles in order after all the above work is ready, the next step is to lay the tiles. However, it should be noted here that when laying tiles, we must follow the order in which they are laid. First, start paving the doors and windows, and then pave the tiles from bottom to top, from left to right. After the wall leveling layer is prepared, use a shovel to smear the cement mortar on the back of the tiles, and then stick the tiles directly on the wall. After the tiles are laid, be sure to tap the surface of the tiles lightly with a rubber hammer or shovel handle, so that the adhesion of the tiles will be stronger and there will be no falling off. 5. After cleaning and maintaining the tiles, clean up some dust and stains on the surface of the tiles. If the stains on the surface of the tiles are difficult to clean, you can use a 10% concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid solution to clean them, and then clean them with water. The above is the article on how to paste tiles brought by the editor. I hope that it can bring some help to the majority of construction workers.
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