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How do you set the waist line of ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-06

there are many kinds of outdoor ceramic tile line, line that play a base, for example, we have introduced the of the previous period, small make up today is to introduce the tile waist line, everybody listened to is a little small blinds? It doesn't matter, we look down. ( The line of outdoor ceramic tile)

waist line is a method of building decoration. It usually refers to the level of the building wall horizontal line. On the outer wall surface, the upper edge of the window or the edge ( Or other part) Is often used to pick out the brick & 60 times; 120mm。 Long horizontal belt, mainly used for decorative purposes. Waist line is mainly composed of ceramic, resin, metal, Stainless steel) Such as material. Metal waist line is mainly used for large construction decoration, ceramic and resin material is mainly used in the family. The height of the average household waist is about 0. 9米~ 1。 2m。

resin waistline specifications: resin waistline is more and more popular. As the demand of the consumers, a growing belief that the specification and size. At present commonly used size: 100330 mm, 100300 mm, 80250, 80300, 100600 mm, etc.

30600 mm. Lumbar line outdoor wood deck tiles

specification: lumbar line brick is printing brick ( A wall brick) Specification: wall brick generally speaking, there are 200300, 250330, 300450, 300600, 250400, etc. In order to conform to the specifications of the wall brick, lumbar line brick is set to 6 cm high, 20 centimeters wide, in the form of its function is like a beautiful belt, around in the middle of the wall brick, for drab metope add color, change the atmosphere of the space.

system with the same color matching: choose the color of the same color system as metope, in order to complement each other.

contrast color matching: choose the color of the background color contrast with wall. In order to make the overall coordination, other adornment demand, such as the color of the fabric and waist line should be combined, create a harmonious atmosphere.

choose right waist line according to the overall style room. Simple modern decoration style can choose colorful, rural style, can choose to use natural color, can choose Chinese style style landscape painting and calligraphy.

waist line, usually in the wall from the 13, but pay attention to the horizontal position, keep all the waist line.

after small make up to outdoor ceramic tile waist line is the introduction, there is a double understand you? See you next time.

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