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How can the tile floor be anti-slip?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-30
Nowadays, when we buy flooring, in addition to thinking about the beauty of the floor, we also pay attention to whether the floor has an excellent anti-slip function, is it anti-slip floor tiles? The primary factor is the increasing number of fall injuries caused by the poor anti-slip function of the floor. , This has led us to attach great importance to it. Especially for families with elderly and children at home, they should pay more attention to the selection of non-slip floor tiles. Therefore, it is important to figure out how the tile floor is slip resistant. So how does the tile floor skid, and how to distinguish the quality of the tile floor? Xiaobian will lead everyone to learn together today. How to slip the tile floor: 1. The simple way to slip the granite floor tiles is to pay attention when mopping the floor. We must mop the floor wet and then dry it. Perhaps it must be ventilated and dried before walking. We must insist on the floor tiles that are dry and have moisture or oil. It slips very briefly. 2. Professional anti-skid method for floor tiles There is a product called tile anti-skid agent, which is suitable for outdoor ceramic tile, whole-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, antique tiles, anti-skid tiles, mosaics and other stone floor tiles. Its working principle is: the anti-slip agent for tile can effectively enter the pores of floor tiles and stone, dissolve a small amount of silicon, make the original pores thicker, and form many invisible nano-scale dents on the surface. When water is encountered on the ground, the pores will be filled with water. When the sole or sole of the foot passes the ground, the water will be squeezed out of the pores under pressure to make the pores in a vacuum condition, and then touch with the sole of the foot to form a physical suction cup The role of. The coefficient of friction on the ground is greatly enhanced. It reduces the risk of slipping and falling when the floor tiles are wet, and it has a 'astringent' effect, which makes the ground wet more non-slip than when it is dry. It must be safe for people to walk on it! Even if the ground surface is a little worn in the future, the internal structure changes are somewhat stable, so it can maintain the durable anti-skid effect. The treated floor tiles or ground stones also have a significant effect when they are dry, and their anti-slip effect is improved several times when exposed to water or greasy conditions. Once the anti-slip treatment is used for a long time. 3. Anti-slip treatment method: A: tidy up the place and clean the ground. (Note: If there is wax on the surface of the ground, first remove the wax with dewaxing water, and then wash it. B: Apply anti-slip liquid, apply evenly, master the thickness of the liquid surface and the moisturizing moment, if it appears dry, it should be timely Moisturizing. After the test, there is a sense of resistance. C: Clean with water. D: After the anti-slip treatment is completed, let it dry naturally for 1-2 hours. If necessary, leave the water wet, and then use it. How to distinguish the quality of the tile floor? 1. The first thing to look at is to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, missing edges, and missing corners on the surface of the ceramic tile. Also pay attention to whether there are omissions or omissions. Wait for defects, whether it is deformed. Look at the water absorption rate of the tile, use water droplets on the reverse side of the tile, the smaller the diffusion area, the longer the drying time, the lower the water absorption rate, and the better the quality; check the base embryo trademark symbol, the product base produced by standard manufacturers There are clear product trademark symbols on the embryo. If there is no one or it may be extremely vague, please choose carefully! 2, the weight is the weight, the touch of the ceramic tile is the same standard product, the quality is good, and the texture of the high-density outdoor wood deck tiles is contrasted Shen, on the contrary, the goods of inferior quality feel lighter. 3. After listening to the tiles, you can distinguish the quality of the tiles by listening to the sound. The following is introduced according to the two aspects of kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles and vitrified tiles: 4. Open Check the box to see if there is any damage, take one piece of the different products in the same box, and see if there is any color difference after tiling, and whether the standard has the size. All the details about how the tile floor is anti-slip and how to distinguish the quality of the tile floor, small The editor is here for your analysis today. Therefore, what experts want to suggest to you is that in the era of constant innovation and change, our requests for tiles for decoration were getting higher and higher, which forced tile manufacturers to accelerate new products. With the pace of development, new products are constantly being introduced to meet the different needs of consumers. In recent years, there have been five popular ceramic tiles in the international decking tile market, and we can all consider them.
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