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How about the price of ceramic tile of TV wall?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-12
A lot of people in the sitting room decorate when asked about the problem of TV wall ceramic tile. What about the TV wall ceramic tile what are the problems we should pay attention to? We are doing TV wall outdoor ceramic tile, ceramic tile what to choose? Here is to look at.

TV background tile price?

1, the price of TV setting wall ceramic tile is indefinite, the key to see what is the material you use and how construction technology, several hundred to several thousand yuan is relatively common, even tens of thousands of yuan is also possible. For example the glazed ceramic and microcrystalline ceramic tile is more expensive, but the class is high; There are carved and brilliantly coloured background wall ceramic tile, process is more complex, and price is proportional to the, the higher the technology, the higher the price.

2, decorating plate, or decorations, presented in recent years there will be directly used for background wall decorating plate, some families on the wall of the sofa after, will also use decorating plate to ornament. The use of decorative like hang a picture, may be some abstract geometry, may be carved works, also may be ink painting, etc, on the basis of painting style is different on the contemporary and contracted, new Chinese style room, such as enough is enough.

what TV setting wall ceramic tile?

1, culture stone appealing characteristics is and color lines can maintain the original style and features, and allocate change color, stone texture can be connotation and art show, comply with people advocate natural, return to natural culture idea, people referred to this kind of stone material for culture stone. Culture stone is not a single stone, is itself not attached any cultural meaning, it is the way of processing and production reached a certain adornment effect.

2, microlite has stronger than stone weathering resistance, weatherability, never fade and weathering, strong toughness, good impact resistance performance, high resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, resistant to chemical washing liquid performance, at the same time avoid the natural stone material of radioactive hazard, no radioactive products, is an ideal green tile setting wall material. In inline called glass-ceramic composite plate, is a 35 mm layer of microcrystalline glass compound on the surface of the ceramic glass, after the second sintering fully integrated high-tech products. It with crystal clear, elegant and natural growth and change of different stone texture, color, distinct levels, the appearance of the uncanny workmanship adornment effect, and completely is not affected by pollution, easy to clean, inherent excellent physical and chemical properties.

that's small make up for everybody to know some information about the TV wall outdoor ceramic tile, hope we can have a good read, if in doubt, also can log on our website.

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