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How about Jin Chaoyang tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-27

  Now buying ceramic tiles, many people prefer to follow the public. They think that the quality of tiles with big brands is definitely good, but the editor is responsible for saying that this is not the case, because many times the brand does not determine everything, the most important thing The key is its cost-effectiveness! Some small brands are also good. In this issue, I will talk about Jin Chaoyang ceramic tiles. I hope you will be interested! (Golden Chaoyang )

   1. Speaking of this golden Chaoyang ceramic tile, it must be related to its production. The company has been constantly developing ceramic products with delicate texture and fashionable and novel colors. Products include Chaoyang Diewu, Chaoyang Mingxuan, Shuimu Tsinghua, etc. The company's porcelain products have dazzling shadows. Bright and elegant. Matt and so on. Do you think these names are very distinctive? Not only the name is nice, but the quality of Jin Chaoyang's ceramic tiles is also good. It can be said to be worthy of the name, so it is deeply loved by regular customers!

  2. In addition to the good production, this ceramic tile company thinks that the quality is also superior, which is not trivial at all. Jinchaoyang Company strictly controls the procurement process of raw materials, starting from the source, and ensuring the stability of product quality. Then, strictly control the product quality inspection. , Also attaches great importance to user feedback on product information, it can be said that the after-sales service is doing a good job. The company has truly implemented the relevant regulations of the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system strictly. This is something that some companies cannot comply with. It can be seen that this company has strict requirements for quality!

  3. Jinchaoyang ceramic tile belongs to the sub-brand of New Pearl Group. It adopts RevealImaging technology and is an internationally advanced 6-color print head with richer and more colorful colors. It has been calcined at a high temperature of 1250°, and the imported glaze from Spain guarantees the texture of the glaze, making the surface of the tile more than 20% more stain-resistant than ordinary tiles. Its tile surface is natural and realistic, the texture is exquisite and beautiful, and the texture is hard , And its raw materials are made of natural clay, fired at a high temperature of 1200 ℃, and 3D high-definition inkjet technology is used. The appearance is relatively beautiful, and it has always been very popular in the market. However, compared with some first-line brands, there is still a gap. If you have to tell which line it belongs to, the editor can only tell you that this is a first-line critical brand!

  Of course. Regardless of the number of brands, it can't kill the reality of its high quality and cost-effectiveness, so friends who are interested can go to the physical store to personally check it, I believe you will also change! Finally, thank you for watching! (Golden Chaoyang tiles)


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