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Fine porcelain plate and what is the difference between the traditional ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-30
Believe that many owners for fine porcelain plate and the difference between traditional ceramic tile is not very clear, not a complete concept. So let small make up together to learn today? Fine porcelain plate and ceramic tile is belong to the same type but different kinds of decoration materials, and also a lot of people are decorating with such thinking, whether to choose fine porcelain plate good or good ceramic tile. To solve this problem, then we must have to look at the difference between the two. What is a, fine porcelain plate? Fine porcelain plate is one kind of eutectic, permeability of vitrified glaze porcelain plate, its for vitrified printing glaze layer, surface glaze layer, interface layer and aggregate base layer composite structures, the eutectic and permeability by compound each other; Its aggregate base layer, made up of plasticity ceramic materials and inorganic fiber skeleton, inorganic fiber aspect ratio is 1:20 or less, skeleton is inorganic fiber layers of woven net type structure, after sintering eutectic, permeability composite as a whole; Thick length x width x = 2000 ~ 3500 mm x 1000 x 3 ~ 6 mm ~ 2000 mm. Its surface is glossy or matte surface, glaze density, no visible wool stoma, have elasticity, fracture being fibrous and amorphous wood; Form a large-format, ultra-thin, high elastic, glass surface is bright and clean surface, low water absorption, not easy to be polluted, easy cleaning, easy to clean, fine porcelain plate with good machining of new characteristics. Surface can also draw again and sintered various decorative pattern, design, excellent performance of beautification adornment. Second, fine porcelain plate, and the difference between traditional ceramic tile 1, size weight fine porcelain plate 850 - large size 4-3000 mm, thickness 6 mm, weight of 7. 5 - 11 kg/m2, small effects on the building load; Traditional ceramic tile size small - 200 At least 8-800 mm, thickness 12 mm, weight more than 24 kg/m2, increase the building load; 2, fight corrupt antibacterial fiber porcelain plate escherichia coli antibacterial rate is 96. 4%, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate was 99%. Surface of wool stoma, large size, less gap, easy cleaning and maintenance; Traditional small size ceramic tile, cracks, uneven, bacteria, after fouling not easy cleaning and maintenance; 3, radioactive fine porcelain plate materials through water flotation, and through high heat sintering, almost no radiation, no harm to human body; Traditional ceramic tile radiation trace; 4, waterproof and fireproof fiber less porcelain plate joints, glaze through high heat sintering, high density of crystallization and heat-resistant waterproof, prevent infiltration; Traditional decking tile size small crack is much, easy to seep or infiltration water and oil, fire time is short and fall off easily influenced by temperature, easy to change color after suction; 5, construction paste fine porcelain plate special adhesive, stickup and firm, waterproof, construction is simple; Traditional ceramic tile using any ratio of cement mortar, adhesive property is not stable, and easy to permeate a white alkali calcium, metope of pollution; 6, the service life of fine porcelain plate more than 50 years, one-time coverage area is large and light, firm structure, high safety. The traditional ceramic tile is 10 - traditional ceramic tile 20 years, easy to fall off; 7, construction convenience, fine porcelain plate can be directly covered heavy stick, easy construction, short time limit, the cost is low; Traditional ceramic tile cannot repeat construction, to dismantle to construction, long construction period; About the fine porcelain plate and the difference of traditional ceramic tile and the advantage of the fine porcelain plate is introduced here, hope to be of help.
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