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Drilling operation of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-01

a lot of friends at the time of wall outdoor wood deck tiles and granite floor tiles, because outdoor wood deck tiles is firmly covering walls or on the ground, so if you want to put a plug in wall and floor surface, will involve the drilling technology of the ceramic tile, here is a brief introduction of ceramic tile drilling operation, I hope it can help you! ( drilling)

1。 Prior to drilling in ceramic tile to punch the ceramic tile with marker pen mark good location ( Had better choose paste) And as packing tape, so can more accurately find you to the point of the construction.

2。 Identify good place, can start, you can use a hammer and the sample ( No large steel nails are available, and remember to also calls the masonry nail of steel nails, and cannot use nails) Out of the diameter of about 2 - the markup 3 mm smaller, make ceramic tile surface enamel removal.

3。 Because the size of the hole is up to you to decide, so should choose appropriate diameter drill bit, vertical alignment points and give appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer, feeding shoulds not be too large, slow to force can smoothly through the ceramic tile. After being through the ceramic tile can feed to the required depth.

4。 Finally ending work, after playing well hole, choosing the appropriate expansion pipe buried and install the required items, with screws in ceramic tile above again to complete any operation to decide by yourself!

because ceramic tile is easy to broken, so it must be slow, can't act too hastily, otherwise it may cause broken decking tile, so that the follow-up work is much more cumbersome. Want to know more related content, welcome to continue to focus on the website! Finally thank you for watching! ( drilling)

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