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Dongpeng ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-23
is often used in the decoration material, good ceramic tile is not only durable, integral feeling is very good also, to decorate the whole house has played a vital role. The ceramic tile of brand on the market now there are still many, along with the below small make up take a look at the east peng decking tile? What are the edge dongpeng ceramic tile? East peng how dongpeng ceramic tile ceramic tile is the first to introduce the world's most advanced equipment and technology of ceramic enterprises, in 2013 China ceramic sanitary ware brand net voted 'in 2013, one of the ten famous brands in Chinese ceramics'. Lens to cast quality brand, science and technology to promote brand, word-of-mouth brand for the purpose, the introduction of the world's most advanced equipment and technology, through independent research and development, has won more than 300 national patent technology, successfully developed a number of new technology to fill the blank of the industry; Successfully launched 'golden flower cream-colored', 'day rock', 'the Milky Way's stone', 'flying stone', 'sand rock', 'coral jade' and other new products by consumers praise highly, lifts countrywide 'a piece of yellow' and 'a piece of white' decoration trend; Leading to launch on behalf of the Chinese and international top technology 'carrara', 'hole in the stone', 'doctors graduated stone' and other products, at the same time the modern high technology products and combine the Oriental ceramics culture, into people's life of art, created the household culture space, fashion commercial space, the overall hutch defends a space, industrial goods display space, dry hanging wall space and the whole wei yu life the spiritual space, such as leading the industry trend. Dongpeng products are widely used in the Beijing Olympic Games venues, national grand theatre, the China millennium monument, tens of thousands of national famous engineering become consumers and decoration industry promoting brand! East peng established 1500 five-star service stations all over the country, and formed a 'sunshine angel' service team of nearly 20000 people, provide consumers with the whole process, all-around, five-star products and services and home improvement solutions. In 2007, the five-star service, a comprehensive upgrade, the honourable service, starting from the heart, in our heart and enthusiastic, for consumers at ease, happy. 2013 east peng royal jade listed on amazon. In the future, the lens will continue inheriting Chinese ceramic culture, continuous innovation, is dedicated to help designers to realize dream, enhance consumer life grade, build national brand, built TaoXingYe for China to make new contribution. What is dongpeng ceramic tile edge 1, colour, classic color quietly elegant, contemporary frustration. just continuation of refined elegance. Gloss charm, luxury, fashion space visual convey the essence of life. 2, simple sense, jade stone, excellence realm: served high brightness, high hardness, stone body stone provide a sense of the jade. Crystal, end, and have frosted texture of stone vein, noble and not costly 3, space, function, urban shangri-la, in adornment space, comparable to the natural stone superior plastid, beyond the natural stone's outstanding performance. Dongpeng ceramic tile both in quality and design, all show showily elegance, highlights the nature of stone, there is no doubt to your home life in a different way. Edit summary: what about dongpeng ceramic tile is to introduce the relevant information to here, hope to be of help in this article. If you still have what not understand place can give below small make up the message oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.
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