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DIY home improvement-the whole strategy of laying tile floor

by:JIABANG     2021-06-29
Nowadays, many fashionable people are actively participating in the decoration of their own homes, and many things choose to 'do it yourself'. People can easily complete DIY projects such as installation and fixing of shelves and walls, installation of drawer pulleys, and kitchen and bathroom decoration with the help of professional tools.   DIY home improvement requires sufficient time, necessary funds and long-lasting patience. Before DIY decoration, you must have good tools and good materials. At the beginning of the design, it is best to find some design books for reference, and check the accumulation on weekdays, to see if it can come in handy.  Several DIY home improvement solutions  Paving tiles  Before paving, treat the wall or floor to be paved, and determine the way of laying bricks according to the paving form. If there is a directional pattern, the product should be laid in the direction shown in the figure. Before pre-laying, pull two lines perpendicular to each other on the processed ground and level them with a level ruler, and the wall is perpendicular with a hammer ingot.   When paving, draw a line according to the size of the outdoor wood deck tiles body, and leave a gray seam. In the paving process, use the glue to fill and scrape the joints of the bricks and make the joints tightly jointed. When attaching wall tiles, you should repeatedly tap the tiles with the hammer handle to make it bond firmly. After 1 hour of paving, the cement or other sticky dirt left on the outdoor wood deck tiles surface should be wiped clean in time; 12 hours after paving, the wall should be knocked for inspection, if empty drums are found, the paving should be repeated.  The laying of the floor  Because it is not a professional decoration, it is best to choose a snap-on floor for easy laying. Before laying the floor for decoration, the floor should be left in the room for 48 hours to adapt it to the 'local' temperature.   The ground should be level, dry, and clean, and the unevenness should be leveled. Leave a gap of 2.5 to 3 cm between the door and the ground. Before paving, lay a special plastic film on the bare ground to protect the floor from rising moisture.   In fact, DIY decoration involves all aspects, including not only large items such as material selection, wall painting, and floor laying, but also small renovations such as the matching of furniture and the use of wallpaper. Use your brains, relax, change your sleeves, and believe you can do better.   Wall painting    Before painting the wall surface, you should choose to scrape putty or wall lining and other leveling materials. After the leveling material is dry, use sandpaper to smooth it and wipe off the floating dust. It is best to remove the old paint on the old painted wall. If it is not removed, use a cleaning agent to remove oil, use a mildew remover to remove mildew, and then rinse with water. After the wall is dry, paint.  Before the construction, the latex paint in the barrel should be stirred evenly. The construction should be at a temperature of 5℃ or higher and a relative humidity of 85% or less. When brushing paint, do not use different directions. If you are brushing up and down, always use the up and down direction from the beginning to the end. The same applies if you are brushing left and right. Only when the direction is the same, the color will be complete and there will be no traces.
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