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Beauty ceramic tile seam an agent to choose what is method

by:JIABANG     2020-08-03

for most of our family, the kitchen and toilet will shop sticks ceramic tile, as a essential building materials in decorating, whether we know actually need to leave appropriate gap between outdoor ceramic tile? This is mainly to prevent ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink cause damage. But it is this gap, shelter evil people and practices easily, so, people invented ceramic tile seam an agent, outdoor ceramic tile aperture filling to prevent the dust at the same time, also can beautify the ceramic tile aperture. So what is the beauty outdoor ceramic tile seam an agent method of choose and buy?


we can smell the taste of the seam an agent, to judge the stand or fall of the seam an agent. Some beautiful seam an agent on the surface of the packing looks good, in fact, in the composition of fabric taste is very big, not through strict processing, so, bad have pungent taste the beauty of the seam an agent or not.

color and luster

look beautiful color and luster of the seam an agent, high gloss, will seem very unnatural. But low glossiness, and do not facilitate cleaning and highlight the effect of the seam an agent, so surely seam an agent that good color is natural exquisite, glossiness natural and attractive, can fit well with floor, increase the aesthetic feeling and the grade of the bedroom.

after the solidification of hiding power

ceramic tile of choose and buy when the seam an agent, we can try some, and then look at the beautiful seam an agent after the solidification of hiding power, good beautiful seam an agent does not shrink after solidification is so obvious, and the surface should be substantial level off, if you don't strong hiding power, is a small crack will occur the phenomenon of hollow out powder.

better waterproof

the ceramic tile seam an agent is made from polymer, its density uniform structure, beautiful seam an agent, rendering in the density of surface forming a layer of protective film, overcomes the drawback of inorganic material easy ooze water. So wash wall ceramic tile when don't have to worry about the sewage in the gaps in the outdoor wood deck tiles joints and make the black. No longer wet outdoor wood deck tiles joints, nature also won't happen mildew, all sorts of bacteria also loses the production min a hotbed of colonization.

to naisuanjian corrosion

due to places such as kitchen, toilet often deal with acid and alkaline substances, therefore, caulking agent by corrosion problems in these places is particularly prominent, the various caulking agent exchange acid and alkali corrosion problem is almost helpless, and use the seam an agent can completely solve the problem.

the ceramic tile seam an agent to choose what is method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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