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Bathroom tile renderings Daquan, bathroom tile color

by:JIABANG     2021-06-08

  What is the method of wall tiles in the bathroom? How to prevent a series of questions in the process of paving the bathroom wall tiles? The editor will introduce us to the bathroom wall tiles paving skills from two aspects: the wall tiles paving and after the paving. You only need to follow the accurate process. The paving of wall tiles can greatly reduce the doubts presented in the process of paving wall tiles.

  What color is good for bathroom tiles?

  Dark and light colors can be matched, such as black and white, dark and light, dark green and light gray. Use it together.

  The infinite colors are matched with colors. Black, white, gold, silver, and gray are called infinite colors. They can be matched with any color;

  Cool and warm colors The relationship between matching, warm and cold colors depends on contrast, which is produced by people's natural life experience, and they are also very distinctive.

  The same color matching, such as the combination of light yellow and dark yellow, black and gray;

How to choose floor tiles for bathroom tiles?

  If you choose dry and wet decoration: that is The shower area is separated from the toilet and basin area. A good division can be achieved through different decking tile materials and color varieties, so that the two do not interfere with each other, and avoid the embarrassment of splashing water and wiping after bathing. This is a relatively common decoration method abroad.

   Choose tiles with low water absorption. Generally speaking, high-quality tiles have low water absorption, so that they can dry quickly. If the tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, you can use tea or water droplets on the back of the tile. After a few minutes, check the spread of the water droplets. The less water is absorbed, it means that the water absorption rate is low and the quality is better. The water-absorbing tiles will cause cracks on the surface of the tiles and peeling off of the whole wall and floor tiles after thermal expansion and contraction. The bathroom in the northern area with four distinct seasons needs to be paid more attention to.

   The bathroom space is smaller than the living room space, and there are many corners. The bathroom space is usually 2 square meters to 4 square meters. Even if the bathroom space is large, do not use large-sized floor tiles. Because the tiles are cut too frequently, the waste is large, and it is inconvenient to install the floor drain, and it is inconvenient to level the ground and cause waste.

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