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Bathroom tile paving process

by:JIABANG     2021-06-05

There are many ways to pave bathroom tiles. Many people are ignorant of bathroom tile paving. What are the specifications for bathroom tile paving technology? For bathroom tile paving, the following is the editor for everyone. The bathroom tile paving craftsmanship.

Technology specification in bathroom tile paving

The proportion of cement mortar for paving bathroom tiles

The cement number used to paste bathroom tiles is cement No. 425, The mixing ratio of sand should not be greater than 1:3. If the cement content is too heavy, it will cause the tiles to crack due to the high expansion coefficient of the cement and reduce the service life of the tiles.

Soaking time for bathroom tiles

If the bathroom uses glazed wall tiles and cement mortar is used as the adhesive, the tiles need to be soaked in water and then laid. The time for soaking in water should be so that the tiles do not bubble up after the tiles are completely soaked. Time is appropriate, usually 30 minutes.

Leave seams for paving

No matter whether it is seamless tile or not, you must leave seams when paving bathroom tiles. It is recommended to not be less than 1mm. Normal wall tiles should be 1.52mm. The gaps between antique tiles can be widened appropriately. .

Paving height of bathroom wall tiles

The paving height of bathroom wall tiles should be higher than the height of the ceiling, generally not less than 10 cm.

Tile texture alignment

When laying tiles, pay attention to the texture of the tiles, and follow the texture. If the tile waistline has positive and negative directions, pay attention to its direction. Do not paste it upside down. The texture of the tile waistline is consistent with the texture of the tile. The texture of the bricks is consistent.

The distinguishing feature of the current decking tile industry is the variety of colors, and tile paving has always been the focus of attention in the home improvement process. As the highlight of home decoration, tile paving is also a university question. I hope you can accumulate a lot, learn a lot, spend more time, and learn more from the tile paving.

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