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Bathroom tile paving method

by:JIABANG     2021-06-19
Bathroom tile paving method 1. The use of auxiliary materials such as the edge banding cross positioning frame has greatly improved the construction process of the internal and external corners of the paving. The 45-degree trimming of the tiles is no longer necessary, which greatly saves man-hours and damaged. The cross positioning can improve the accuracy of the joints during granite floor tiles paving and simplify the construction process.  2, combination paving of various specifications  Its characteristic is to choose a variety of floor tiles with different geometric sizes and pave them in groups according to a certain combination. Due to the combination of different sizes of floor tiles and multiple combinations, the geometric lines of the ground immediately change, and the order reflects the change and vividness.  3. Dry pasting method    The use of tile adhesive is also called dry pasting method. It changes the wet method of mortar and cement, and the tile does not need to be immersed in water before the base surface does not need to be wetted. As long as the basic paving conditions are good, the working conditions can be greatly improved. Its bonding effect also exceeds that of traditional mortar cement, which is especially suitable for small and medium-sized projects and home decoration where the working environment is small and the working environment is not ideal.  4, colorful joint sealant   It is not ordinary colored cement, it is generally used on the ground or wall surface with joints. It is characterized by strong color fixation, pressure resistance, wear resistance, no alkalization, no shrinkage, and no chalking, which not only changes the problem of easy peeling off and weak adhesion of the tile gaps, but also makes the color of the gaps and the tiles appear to be unified and coordinated to complement each other. 5. Wall paving     uses a combination of 45-degree diagonal paving and vertical paving, which makes the wall rich and varied from the original relatively monotonous geometric lines, and enhances the three-dimensional sense and active atmosphere of the space.  6. u200bu200bFloor tiles are randomly combined with a variety of colors  This is the latest paving trend of Spanish tiles. It is a random combination of floor tiles with different glazed colors. The visual effects vary greatly. It is a reverie that this is a challenge to our traditional 'symmetry and unity' aesthetic. It is suitable for larger halls.  7、Leave the seam paving   Now the market popular antique floor tiles, it mainly emphasizes the return of history. The unevenness of the glaze treatment is also corroded, and the necessary gaps left during the paving are filled with colored cement to make the overall effect uniformly emphasize the dignified sense of history.
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