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Thompson ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-13
Thompson ceramic tile? When household is decorated, the choice of materials is very important. The ceramic tile is a common decoration materials, ceramic tile also is self-evident to the importance of family, of course. Say is it is very important to the selection of ceramic tile, choose good ceramic tile to decorate the effect is more good, so ceramic tile Thompson? Its net and a net friend in terms of net put forward the question, then we can detailed introduction. First, can see ceramic tile is good from the point of visual effect, the product with high smoothness, color is pure, not easy to hang dirty scale, easy to clean, good sex of self-cleaning tiles are of high quality. Of course can choose when judging offline in the bright light and observe carefully on the surface of the product from the side reflects light, no tiny sand holes and hemp dot with the surface, or sand holes and hemp dot a few as well. And Thompson good appearance as well as the high quality ceramic tile of a powerful explanation. Second, Thompson the hot hand touch of ceramic tile, ceramic tile quality actually is good, but can be by touch and feel on porcelain listening, usable hand is gently caressing in the surface, feels very smooth and fine as well. Can also touch on the back, the feeling has 'sand' subtle attrition feels had better. Brick the same specification product, if feel is heavy, the description of good quality, high density, on the other hand, so when buying decking tile also should pay attention to this. Third, the variety and specification of ceramic tile Thompson is also very much. As you all know, houses in different places need and specification is different, the kinds of ceramic tile ceramic tile of brand of a lot in terms of product is relatively single. And Thompson variety, specification decking tile is very wide, can satisfy the vast majority of consumers to buy. Thompson ceramic tile? After hearing the introduction of the author, everyone is to Thompson rational a new understanding of the ceramic tile?

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