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There are methods for home decoration, the choice and matching of tile colors should be unified

by:JIABANG     2021-06-09
The choice and collocation of tile colors are related to the overall effect of the entire room space and the decoration position, and must be carefully grasped. In addition, the matching of the color of the tiles with the furniture, curtains, fabrics, and stickers on the wall of the room is also very important. Only in harmony and unity can the unique charm and taste be displayed. The beige series of floor tiles give the room a magnificent nobility and elegance; the stone grain color is simple and natural, but also thick and full of connotation; the earth-color and terracotta series of floor tiles are spread on the floor of the living room and dining room, allowing people to experience the countryside The style is pleasant and comfortable; the blue and green series of wall and floor tiles are easily reminiscent of the vastness of the sky and the natural wind of the grassland; the red series of floor tiles make the ground look special and have a gorgeous feeling; The gray series of floor tiles have more cultural taste and natural scenery; the contrast of black and white can increase the level of structure of the ground; the floor of the warm color wall can create a warm atmosphere in the room, while the cool color The walls and floors make people feel the coolness and coolness from the ocean; plain, white, gray and other light colors are simple and suitable for paving rooms with poor lighting; dark, red, yellow and other dark colors appear heavy. Suitable for paving in rooms with better lighting. The small way to choose colorful tiles, the color of floor tiles is generally darker than that of wall tiles. It should be noted that the wall tiles of the bathroom, as the background of sanitary ware, play a role as a foil. Therefore, the brightness and chroma of the color are also lower than those of sanitary ware. 2. Regardless of the kitchen or bathroom, if the area is small, it is not suitable for dark and warm wall tiles. Because the dark wall tiles make people feel that the space becomes smaller, the room appears darker and darker: the warm-colored wall tiles have a visual sense of moving forward, which will increase the sense of depression in the room. Therefore, this type of room usually uses light-colored and cool-colored wall tiles. 3. In terms of pattern selection, bathroom wall tiles should be subtle and elegant, faint, and not overpowering the guests; the style of kitchen wall tiles should be concise and lively, pay attention to the style and color of the cabinets and counters, and the patterns should be Simple and generous, it makes people feel clean and bright, and you can place a few tiles when needed. Floor Tiles Tiles Room Space Fabric Simple Window Living Room Wall Color Pastoral Style Living Room White Furniture Kitchen Cabinet Door Kitchen Wall Tiles Fabric Curtains Simple Furniture Bathroom Tile Color Bathroom Wall Tiles Bathroom Tiles Bathroom Floor Tiles Whole Bathroom Dining Room Furniture Kitchen Tiles
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