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The living room floor tile color techniques of choose and buy

by:JIABANG     2020-08-18

started from China's ceramic tile, is now popular all over the world. For ceramic tile, a lot of people will choose the ceramic tile of brand in China, after all, Chinese attainments in the field of ceramic tile, is can't compare with many countries. As a Chinese, it is necessary for us to know about the living room granite floor tiles color techniques of choose and buy, let's take a look at.

the living room floor tile color of choose and buy skills

if choose stone or tile floor of the dark blue gray, the room will look more special, more modern and more natural. Elegant and noble cream and yellow brown.

a light cream and yellow brown adjustable design ground looks elegant and noble. The appearance of these two kinds of color soft and warm created especially for the room of family atmosphere. Can use ceramic tile to create endless changes in this area. If use a step to break the unified feeling of the ground and then put on beautiful chic chair cushion, spread with elegance of pillar, this kind of background will create with the appearance of the ancient Roman style. Plain black and white outdoor ceramic tile.

light color, white and grey tiles has been like contracted, monochrome even shape and structure of people's right of choice. These the cool color of ceramic tile to reconcile extremely significantly more highlights the characteristics of indoor display is tasted downy sense. And black can be used to make a comparison, not only can actually express the unique charm of the design, through the lines and geometric patterns to break the unity of the ground, and create the feeling of the structure of the ground at the same time. If you like, you can also choose imitation marble tile and wood, cane or metal furniture collocation, perfect contrast.

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