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Public toilets ceramic tile shop sticks

by:JIABANG     2021-01-23

public toilets ceramic tile shop sticks method from its audience and purpose into consideration, which leads to the particularity of public toilets method of ceramic tile shop is stuck, but plus ca change, to the shop is stuck out a distinctive public toilets, also need according to the standard of our decking tile shop is stuck to the shop is stuck. Here is a small make up to sort out some decking tile shop sticks.

a, traditional, just choose a dimension change

1, the same color, same direction, different size.

2。 Same direction, the same size, different color.

3。 The same color, same size, different direction. Whatever you choose, maintain a small change, a wide range of consistent, constitute a different visual effect. Simple toilet is very beautiful.

2, jump out a little, at least two dimensions have change

the simplest method to choose same size, different shades of color fastens with color, with a lace waist line, this kind of collocation is a lot of wei yu brand ceramic tile have mature product. Choose oneself to like is good, need not to bother. Also can let teacher in a lower direction, inclined shop shop is part of part of a torsion effect is good.

three or more color mixing, color and lines with impact

tiling, novelty shop is stuck, irregular or hitting scene, as long as you like, can have a try. Premise is, you do have a professional designer, otherwise easy to faulty into disaster. Seemingly random, there are profound professional knowledge for support. Design is good, between the wei yu that you, of course, having a unique style, clueless!

this is small make up for all the collected about public toilets ceramic tile shop sticks method, we can also know something about your own toilet tiles paving method, then integrate them, may get good inspiration.

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